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I'd read Roby Mitchell M.D.'s web site as he is DrFitt and he recommends Iodoral which is an iodine and potassium supplement. He has lots of vlogs on YouTube and he has a practice in Texas. He went to medical school at Texas Tex and he also has a PhD, as he studied in China. He is a very interesting man. I found him since my son had Testicular Cancer and had to have surgery and 4 rounds of Chemotherapy. Dr. Mitchell has had Advanced Prostrate Cancer and he cured himself with diet and exercise. He writes a lot about thyroid.

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Ok I am slow today. my hypothyroid is acting
like it new in my life LOL. when the Dr 1st
told me I had it in 2009, nice Christmas
present by the way. I am kidding. anyway
he told me I guess i am not making enough

So I am using salt in everything. what
I would like to know is......... Is iodine
and sodium the same thing or not.
and How can I put it back in the body.

I dont know if this is good or not
But I take packages of salt and
it them straight. I 4 1 say that
cant be normal. Please help


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