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4/28/12 3:34 P

I also try to set small goals throughout the week - don't eat fast food this week, no soda - things like that. I feel like it is less overwhelming to start small -

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4/28/12 2:16 P

i write my goals down, and I look at them daily (they're the screensaver on my laptop)

They keep me motivated.

I also post daily to my blog/facebook page and that keeps me moving in the right direction.

4/28/12 1:45 P

I agree to start small and go slow. I would add that having a good goal really helps.

I never stayed motivated for very long when my goal was to lose weight. That just isn't the sort of goal that is going to keep me going. When I switched my goal to being healthy, that worked so much better. I'm always motivated to be healthy. There is never a day when I lose that motivation and think to myself that I would like to just be sick instead.

Make sure your goals really work for you. Make some goals that have the motivation built in.

Best wishes,

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4/27/12 10:33 P

Ya know, what works for most is tiny steps, very small goals - like one cup of water, one serving of veggies, 5 minutes of a simple exercise ... to generate momentum, ask something very minimal that you can absolutely suceed at, do it, enjoy the success, repeat a few times until the feeling of success builds up a bit then ask a bit more of yourself. Don't yell at yourself, kick yourself, beat yourself up, shame yourself - that all drains away motivation. Gently! Start small, build up. Have you read The Spark yet? He describes the approach really well. When I started I was really despondant. It worked for me to start this way ... try it and keep on posting no matter what!

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4/27/12 9:12 P

emoticon Cant seem to get motivated. I know I need to but its so hard...

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