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CHARITYHOWELL79 SparkPoints: (3,752)
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Posts: 73
2/17/13 5:25 P

I'm in a Yellow mood, kinda chipper and optimistic right now, glad I brought myself out of that Deep Blue mood I was in earlier!

DACHI9 SparkPoints: (7,051)
Fitness Minutes: (1,081)
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2/17/13 9:32 A

I'm in a blue mood. don't feel well today. Trying really hard to get a sinus infection.

LINEBACKER1968 Posts: 394
2/16/13 2:28 P

I'm in a gray mood

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,050
2/13/13 1:06 P

I'm sparkling GOLD as it is a great day. My two sons were in a car wreck yesterday coming back from Mardi Gras in New Orleans and totaled my husband's truck, but they didn't get hurt (lots of bruises from the seat belts) but I'm happy they aren't severly hurt or that they weren't killed. My friend's son was killed at age 22 in a car accident coming home from work one night. They thought someone might have run him off the road. Really sad.

NONNIEKAREN SparkPoints: (5,051)
Fitness Minutes: (478)
Posts: 38
2/11/13 2:15 P

I am in a green-grey mood. Exercising some on my feet, still mostly chair, but I had to start prednisone to kill poison ivy and it has made me gain 5#! Not pleased with that, but I will lose it when the medicine leaves my system.

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