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I completely agree with Cortney. Also, I am surprised that your doctor hasn't referred you to a dietician. In my area it's usually standard protocol to refer anyone who might have special dietary needs to see a dietician. Ask your doctor if that's an option.

As for taking medication on time, get yourself a day-by-day pill container if you haven't already. They do wonders for people like me who at the end of the day are thinking "Did I take it, or didn't I?". Find a way to set an alarm if you can. Make it a habit to take your pill container with you whenever you leave the house (just in case!) Attaching taking your pill to an already established habit, like brushing your teeth, is a wonderful idea.

Also, I know you don't WANT to be on the meds, but try not to stress too much about it. Stress isn't good for your health. Try to keep positive. It looks like you've already made progress, just keep in mind that your health and weight are life long commitment.

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7/24/12 11:43 P

there are different things you can do. I do not know if you need to take your meds with a meal. If you do not have to you could keep it with your toothbrush and take it when you brush your teeth. you can put your meds besides your tooth brush. That is twice a day. Of you could but it by your alarm clock and take it when you set it at night and when you get up in the morning.

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Nobody likes to take meds, however, there is a reason your doctor is prescribing them for you.

Please do not discontinue use of your medications without first speaking to your doctor.

It looks like, from your ticker, you have already lost some weight. Ask your doctor for a referral to an Registered Dietician. They will be able to help set a meal plan and nutritional goals for you. Also, Spark offers a special meal plan for people with Diabetes.

You might also want to check those out.

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7/24/12 10:43 P

I have never liked taking Meds!!!!!!!!! No I need to because of the diabetes. I was told to make my metformin twice a day . when I was in the doctor office about 2 months later I told him I was trying to take if with the morning and evening meals. I have usually finished breakfast and then taken the morning meds. more often that not I am eating on the run or at the office some time at home. Now the evening meal is another matter it hours after I have eaten the evening meal simple because I come home and start dinner and by the time I sit down. I have forgotten it. it is usually when I am of spark people that I remember since I don't eat in the same place I can't leave my med in one place I need SUGGESTION badly please help I want to get my weight down. Than I say to the doctor lets try and control this without meds. Thank you for any Suggestions

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