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11/13/12 8:25 A

I am the professional at being sick, so feel like an expert on this subject. In 1989, it took me 10 months to recover from double pnuemonia. In 1996, it took me two years to recover from bronchitis, laryngitis, sinus infection, ear infection, and the flu. Last year, it took me five months to recover from the flu and a cold. I had an ear ache for five months!

Last May I contracted a viral respiratory infection. I am still sick with an aching chest, nausea, fatigue, and weakness. Try feeling nauseaus for six months!!!! I walk around like I'll throw up any minute!

Whereas I had been jogging five miles thrice weekly upon onset of illness, I can now walk about three miles with great effort.

So, here are the tips. Ban yourself from your temptations. I banned soda 35 year ago and haven't had any since. I drink tea and water, both with lemon. I walk as far as I am able, even if that is only around the outside of my house or to the mailbox when ill. Then, I work back up to walking 1/4 - 1/2- 1 mile and so on.

Stretch all day long, every day, no matter if you are even on the couch. You can do finger, wrist, feet stretches, neck stretches, shoulder rolls and move. Keep moving even when you don't think you can move. There are a lot of small moves that can be done while resting.

Also, ban whatever foods you crave that are unhealthy. I can avoid cakes, cookies, pies, and that when ill, but I love ice cream. Had to substitute soy delicious frozen desert with fresh or frozen fruit for ice cream. I can have my treat, but eat in a healthy manner.

Be thankful that you are able to walk, and will not be ill for six months as I have been recently.

11/8/12 6:55 P

Always have water near by! Even more so since you are sick it is easy to get dehydrated so always make sure you are drinking water! I try to eat a lot of chicken soup when I'm not feeling well. It's fast, easy to make, and you can leave it simmering on your stove! I hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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11/8/12 6:02 P

I have the hardest time keeping to my diet if I can't work out. Been sick for about a week and working out has been impossible (terrible cough and breathing hard makes my chest hurt!). The problem is now I"m finding myself craving (and giving in) to some of my old comfort foods. Today, I even almost went for a soda which I haven't had any of in around 2 months. Any tips or tricks?

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