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6/1/12 7:17 P

Good for you! emoticon

MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,191
5/31/12 5:26 P


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5/29/12 5:48 P


5/27/12 8:42 P

Dried are cheaper and you control sodium.
Canned are very convenient and I buy all sodium free from Whole Foods.
There are some great websites out there. Try " My Vegan Journal " on Facebook and her web site!
Good luck on your journey!
Mary emoticon

HANDYV Posts: 24,961
5/27/12 7:27 A

The only canned beans I use are baked beans, black beans and sometimes lima beans. I prefer my other beans dried or frozen.

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3/11/12 10:51 P

Lentils, I will use dried. But most others I prefer canned for the convenience, always rinsing them well to remove the majority of the added sodium.

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3/5/12 10:07 A

Make sure to check the sodium in those canned foods. Fresh is better.

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1/15/12 2:16 P

There are lots of SP teams that you can join to get tons of good info on this and more. Not sure if you have done this already or not. If not, check them out.

1/15/12 11:54 A

I've used both, I only buy canned occasionally because the other ones are less expensive.

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1/14/12 12:38 P

I use both canned and dry....canned are convenient so i do use them...but theres something satisfying about creating a meal after you have soaked and cook beans so i do that too!!!
Are you vegan or vegetarian? Its my understanding that vegetarian can use dairy products, good souces of calcium. Here is a site with calcium rich foods...i know it does include dairy and fish but it also has calcium rich vegan appropriate foods!!

Hope this helps some!!

KJBDOIT Posts: 87
1/14/12 8:17 A

I seem to have a tough time getting to meet my goals in the calcium and carbohydrate category. I also see on my nutrition page a lot of use of beans. I love eating them, and use canned beans for ease of use.Are dried beans better? Any tips appreciated. emoticon

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