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KAVERWEY Posts: 15
5/21/12 3:07 P

Inches is what you're wanting to lose. Weight is variable. You can be losing weight and have the scale not budge due to water weight or from gaining muscle--as it weighs more than fat. I don't ever look at a scale as a reliable tool. I pull out my tape measure for results.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/21/12 3:00 P

It's different for everyone - at first I actually lost several inches before I lost a single pound! Now my body is doing the opposite where I've lost several pounds, but haven't lost much recently in the way of inches. I'm pretty sure that if I had more points that I measured I would be able to find some loss there, but in the meantime I just trust that I'm losing inches *between* the points where I measure. ;)

5/21/12 2:59 P

thanks for responding . i have a feeling i will need to lose closer to 20 before i see a change in inches

5/21/12 2:07 P

For me it was right about 10lbs. I heard depending on your body it could take up to 20lbs before you see an inch loose.

5/21/12 12:47 P

i was wondering how many pounds did you have to lose before the inches started going down. i'm 5'2 and 204 i was 211 so i'm seven pounds down but my measurements are the same as when i first started . i'm not upset just wondering.

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