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3/26/07 3:19 P

I've made it tht way too and it so yummy.


ELAINEHN Posts: 606
3/26/07 2:07 P

We love cabbage! I often saute or steam it or cook it with turkey smoked suasage. If anyone needs more 'specific' recipe than what's posted here, I posted a recipe that is very similar to the OP on this thread ...

Unstuffed Cabbage -

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3/24/07 5:38 P

I use it several times a week, its good in soups and stew, and a bit shredded in my salad.
Its good just fried with a bit of olive oil.


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3/23/07 10:59 P

I love cabbage, we have it almost once a week.

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3/21/07 11:13 P

I just love cabbage, wonder why so many people don't.
Thanks for the ideas, its great.


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3/21/07 10:09 P

Yeah, I actually had one whole cabbage left!

I ended up making some stir fry with it!

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3/21/07 5:15 P

Chip was the 150 pounds of cabbage enough.

I love to shred cabbage, carrots onions and slice red peppers. and saute them in small amount of olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste. This is a great side dish or if you want a whole meat I add light kailbasa, or turkey sausage.

have a happy and healthy day.


3/17/07 8:18 P

I wanted to lighten up our corned beef and cabbage so I used FF beef broth to cook the potatoes, carrots, onions then I added shaved slices of deli corned beef and wedges of cabbage and cooked until the cabbage was fork tender. It was really good. My hubby liked it and thought it was very tasty.

Have fun Chef with the 150 pds of cabbage.

KC emoticon

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3/17/07 11:15 A

I am about to go cook 150 pounds of cabbage for tonights dinner...I hope it will be enough!

CRISEE61 Posts: 1,163
3/16/07 8:04 A

I will be making the cliche (but not actually Irish) corned beef and cabbage dinner tomorrow and I can't wait. My mom made it every year for St. Patty's day and I haven't had it in probably 10 years. Corned beef, potatoes, carrots, and cabbage, with some apple cider vinegar and maybe some sort of Irish bread. Yum!

PCHILDS1 Posts: 1,378
3/15/07 1:13 P

These sound really good and I love cabbage. I will have to try them.

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3/15/07 11:56 A

These all sound good, I'll have to try them since cabbage is on sale now for St. Patty's day!!

GLADDAD Posts: 581
3/14/07 10:21 P

alright... here is a recipe that my dad used to make:

.5 pound of cooked, drained and rinsed crumbled lean hot Italian sausage

mix with to one head of ribbon sliced cabbage, steam for 20 minutes


HOKMAH Posts: 1,705
3/14/07 1:29 P

You guys are making me hungry!
One of my favorites.

Sautee two cups roughly chopped cabbage in a bit of olive oil with a pinch of salt, add a cup of chopped red, orange and yellow bell peppers and half a cup of chopped black olives.

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3/13/07 11:31 P


Sounds great, heres a side dish thats just as tasty.

ribbon cut your cabbage
peel and slice 3 apples (granny smith suggested.
Juliene 1 small onion

with a little olive oil saute onion for 2 minutes, add cabbage, continue cooking for 5 minutes, add apples.

Add a little brown sugar (less than a quarter cup). Add a little white wine (reisling or pinot gris reccomended) or a little apple cider vinegar.

Cook until apples are just fork tender.

Add a little salt and pepper if desired.

MALLYBUD Posts: 11
3/13/07 6:59 P

Here is a really good recipe that is easy to prepare and very tasty:

Lean burger
chopped or shredded cabbage
chopped or grated carrots
tomato sauce(low sodium) or homemade
shredded low fat cheese

Brown the burger in pan, add seasoning if desired. Put the cabbage and carrots in bottom of cooking dish, add a little pepper if desired. Put cooked burger on top of veggies and then add tomato sauce. Top with cheese and cover with tin foil or dish cover. Bake for 1 hour or until veggies are tender. Enjoy!!!! emoticon

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