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7/3/12 3:44 P

If you do eat, try to choose fruits or veggies. I find I really like to crunch stuff and sometimes that what I miss, so nice crunchy veggies can really help out. A lot of times gum helps me too.

Sometimes I just want to eat out of habit, and because I feel deprived that I don't get to eat as much as I want. Reminding myself that I am not depriving myself but helping myself live the life I really want to lead makes it easier to wait until my next meal.

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7/3/12 1:56 P

Jenny, perhaps you're thirsty ? Have you tried drinking a couple of glasses of water ? Some times hunger isn't really hunger, but thirst.

Also, is this the normal time you'd be eating lunch ? If so, your stomach might be expecting food that you're not giving it. Learning your body's signals isn't easy. It takes time. Personally, I prefer to keep my body on a schedule. I find that when I don't eat a certain intervals, I end up ravenous later. So, I try to keep my meals and snacks on a regular schedule.

If you don't want to eat, you need something to keep you busy. If you're at home, how about cleaning up the kitchen ? vacuum the rugs. dust the tables and counters. When a person is busy, they don't think about food. Try to keep busy if you don't want to eat. BUT, if you are genuinely hungry, have some fruit or have lunch if you haven't eaten yet. you don't have to starve yourself to be healthy.

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7/3/12 1:53 P

i will eat about 6 and it is going to be at my moms houseand its one of my trigger foods. its lasagne and idont know what to do about that either

7/3/12 1:44 P

When do you plan to eat your next meal?

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7/3/12 1:37 P

i dont know what to do i want to eat but im not hungry i have not been doing the sparkpeople diet but im trying something new. i m trying to only eat when im hungry and the first day is always the toughest. i have tried everything from watching movies to playing outside with my kids and the minute i came in to eat lunch i ate lunch and still want more even though im not hungry

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