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4/30/12 12:28 P

Maybe cut back on the sodium-rich foods. They can really make you retain water and hide the progress on the scale. If that does not work, maybe try 1,200-1,500 calories per day. Sometimes Spark's caloric recommendations are on the high side.

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4/30/12 12:18 P

thank you..u might be right because it is that TOM and thats when i really started tracking and exerising everyday...i will try and see if after that if things start going down..being a woman is we have some many things to take into consideration when doing

4/27/12 2:37 P

you might be having trouble with wanting sweets because you've cut back on carbs. when your blood sugar level is low, your body starts to crave it. if you try eating small meals with a serving each of protein and carbs, you will stay fuller longer, and your body wont crave the carbs it needs

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4/27/12 2:26 P

It sounds like you're doing the right things - perhaps just need to give it more time? "They" say it can take 4-8 weeks for your body to adjust to a new routine.

One thing I have noticed about my body: the scale refuses to change (in the downward direction) during TOM and for a few days after. Water weight, hormones, etc. I just have to keep doing the right things, because I know they're the right things. Then the scale starts changing again. I've kept a food/activity/weight log for the past month. Here are my actual #s:

3-26 164
3-31 162.8
4-1 thru 4-11 164-164.4 (TOM & started a new strength routine)
4-12 163.6
4-19 162.4
4-27 159

It looks like I lost 1.2 pounds in a week, gained it back and then some, and then lost 4+ pounds in the last 2 weeks. In reality I lost about 5 pounds over the course of a month, but water weight & hormones make it look more sporadic.

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4/27/12 1:50 P

Im a 32yr old female, my current weight is 184 at 5'5"...i have a desk job but i do work out 3 to 5 days a week and my calorie range is within 1270-1620 (set by spark people)...looking over the last week i did have two days i went over 64 calories and 180 calories (my date night) goal weight is constantly weighing my food and watching my portions..i drive my husband crazy with the portion control because he can just eat whatever whenever...i do zumba, yoga, just starting strengthening exercises, elliptical trainer, treadmill...

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4/27/12 12:57 P

Shamika823, we can't see your Sparkpage or your food/activity log. So a few questions:

Are you male or female? How tall are you? What's your goal weight?

Is your Spark plan set up correctly with your current & goal weights & activity level? What calorie range does it recommend for food each day? Are you staying in that range? Are you weighing/measuring your portions or estimating it? What is your weekly activity/exercise like?

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4/27/12 11:01 A

can someone help me please...i am stuck...i have been between 183 to 186 for the past two months...i cant seem to get out of the tracking my food, exercising, drinking plenty of water but i must be doing something wrong. is there anyone that could help pls..

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4/27/12 10:20 A

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4/27/12 9:12 A

Are you weighing your foods? Using a kitchen scale has been a big help for us.

I added you as a Spark friend and sent you a message. We're at about the same point in weight now. Perhaps we can be buddies.

One other thought: I prefer food items that have the nutritional value in grams. Makes it easier for me to feel like I'm getting the right info. Sometimes I will calculate the total caloric value of an item. Such as making boxed mac & cheese: add the calories from the contents of the box (780), milk (20) and margarine (400) = 1200 total. I then weigh the finished product, which is about 600g usually. I then take a portion for me based on the # of calories I'm willing to 'spend' on that food based on how it fits in my overall daily needs. Such a the other night, had 180 calories worth of mac & cheese, and at 90g it was a decent amount of food. (To go along with my tilapia w/ onions, broccoli and small serving of corn.) The serving size according to the box was more than 2x what I had. No need to eat a plateful of mac & cheese though...

Just because a package says a serving size is X, does not mean you have to eat that amount. I like carb items like pasta, but it usually works out well to have a smaller 'serving size'.

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4/27/12 8:16 A

a pound a month is certainly a decent loss, especially if you are over 5'6". if you're 5' even, you might be able to double or triple it, but if you're thinking along the lines of even 2lbs per week, you're way too small for that kind of a loss. there isn't enough fat on you to support those kind of deficits.

as far as what you're eating -
- your english muffin with egg and cheese does not need a Tablespoon of additional oil/fat. figure a teaspoon per person per serving will do you on most things and that cuts out almost 50 cals right there.
-your eggs for the muffin are also a great way to add veggies. broccoli, cauliflower, onion, pepper, spinach mushroom, asparagus, zucchini, squash and pretty much any other vegetable are great in this role. and if you're cutting out some of that butter spread and replacing it with the same cals of veg, you should feel fuller longer and get more nutrients to boot.
-for the cheese tortellini, did you by chance enter the info from the package but then measure once cooked? because that number looks a little high. and if you start out with a cup of 300 cals of dried tortellini, then cook it, the total yield is only going to be 300 cals, even though the volume doubled to two cups. so if you cook from dried, but then use the dried info to measure the cooked, you're going to be entering in more calories than you are really eating. alternately you can also find a different brand that has fewer calories. celentano is one name brand that fits that bill.
-replace the cheese you're topping the tortellini with with a red sauce.
-again, once you take out the double helping of cheese you can add the calories back in veggies
-try to add some lettuce or kale or other green to your lunch roll-ups. asparagus would work as well.
- i have to admit to loving pasta and rice sides and keeping them on hand for when i don't really want to cook. but, i won't cook them plain as they are lacking in everything but calories and sodium. so, when i cook them up, i add a box of chopped frozen broccoli right in the middle of the 7 minutes so it has time to heat through. i also regularly cook up beans from dried and portion them into cup or half cup servings and freeze them so that they are as convenient as canned. so i add a cup or two of those to the sides as well. those two toss in and stir changes pretty much double the volume of food i get out of each packet while halving the calories per cup. it also adds more protein and fiber [nearly doubles generally] and nearly cuts in half the fat and sodium. very little work changes, but very large nutrition changes.
-if you're going to have shrimp fried rice, you need to add veggies to it. cut out the 2nd and third portions of rice [in other words have half a cup of rice instead of 1.5 cups of rice]. start with a little oil in your pan and add spinach, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers, carrots, water chesnuts and use those as the bulk of your base. with a teaspoon of oil 40 cals, 100 cals of veggies and that half cup of rice, you can keep the same volume for 80 cals less. if you go with lower cal veg like broccoli or spinach you could end up doubling the amount of food you are getting, still for almost 100 cals less than what you're getting now
-in place of mini reese's look into trying a teaspoon of peanut butter and a square of dark chocolate and see if that hits the spot.
-make sure you are weighing your red potatoes. raw 100 g of red potato has about 70 cals. the weight will change as you bake it, but the calories aren't going to change. so in order to get a baked potato with 127 cals per potato, that potato would have had to have been about 190 g raw. since you put 2.5 servings of that in you would have had to start with almost 500 grams raw. which is a big potato. or a lot of little potatoes. to the tune of about a pound of raw potato that you had for one meal. if you like that volume, try for about 100 g of potato and mix it with a few cups of cauliflower to get the volume for fewer calories.
-whenever you're going over about 1300 cals, you're doing so only with hundred of calories of junk food. so i am going to tell you my pringles story. i came home from work one day and was hungry. so i had a serving of pringles. since, no surprise, that didn't fill me up, i had another. so i'm at almost 400 cals and i'm still hungry. so i decided to have some shrimp stir fry instead. i buy the contessa frozen kind, but use whole foods sauce. i make half a serving and with the whole foods sauce it comes to about 100 cals. so i ate that 100 cals and was full. so it took me 500 cals to get full. the next time i was in that situation, i thought, hey, why now try skipping the pringles and going straight to what actually filled me up. so i did. i had the same 100 cals half serving of shrimp stir fry and was full, no 400 cals of pringles needed. the candy and the junk food and the crackers are your pringles. if you like them and want to have them [which is fine and doable] you need to be having them with thing that might actually fill you up. you don't have plain crackers, you have crackers and cheese or hummus or a yogurt based dip. every time you eat, you should have some protein, some fat and some carbs, particularly ones that are fiberous [and fiber one doesn't really count as fiberous]. that balance should help you feel fuller and less inclined to munch.

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4/27/12 7:08 A

ok wonderful!! thats the kind of feedback i have been needing. im weighing 159 now and want to get down to 135? that makes a lot of sense to add more veggies, im just not sure how to do it, i have to look into more veggie recipes!

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4/26/12 11:22 P

First, how much do you weigh and how much are you trying to lose? If you're close to goal, a pound a month might not be too slow.

Second, run all your reports and make sure you have a realistic sense of what you're really doing. You say you "try" to stay in the 1200-1300 range but "sometimes" you go over. I glanced at the last two weeks of your tracker, and you were actually only in the 1200-1400 range on four days out of the last 14. That's not necessarily bad, because you were under 1500 at least half of the time. You may not be eating more than you should, but it looks like you're eating more than you realize.

Third, you get almost no fruits and veggies. That's probably step one; eat more vegetables. It's better for your health, AND it makes it much easier to stay in your calorie range. If you eat enough veggies, you feel full and don't have as many cravings for junk. There are days when almost half of your calories are pretty much empty. That won't necessarily affect your weight loss directly, but it's part of what makes you overeat. Your body knows that it's not getting enough nutrients, and it doesn't really understand that you're getting enough calories. It pushes you to eat more, assuming that what you eat will supply the missing nutrients. Vegetables are your friends. Make a vow to get your five a day, and I bet you'll make better progress.

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4/26/12 10:59 P

try eating healthier chocolate too...dark piece a day is GOOD for you...full of antioxidants.....and you get that treat....

Definitely decrease daily....

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4/26/12 10:16 P

Just keep on, keeping on! Don't stop whatever you do. It could take up to 6 weeks before you see the results you want.

Plus you really need to look at your food intake. Are you measuring your milk on your cereal? The dressing on your salad? The oil you use to cook? Don't guess! Use your measuring spoons and cups and MEASURE out all portions. I believe that is one of the trickiest things for people trying to become healthy... they make the switch to healthier food, but eat too much of it. LOL

And although you say you cannot stop having treats daily, it might be worth trying to go a day between and then two days, three, etc. Try to find a less caloric alternative. Sugar free chocolate? Hot chocolate? Chocolate protein shake? Then save your big chocolate binge for one night a month when you know you can enjoy every last morsel guilt free because you have done so well for the entire month before.

Good luck!

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4/26/12 8:45 P

GREAT!! THANKS! i TRY to keep it close to 1200-1300 but sometimes i go over.....i never give myself extra points for working out. i dont really track fiber. i want to lose weight quicker than i am! at this point i am losing about a pound a month and thats terrible. i have never been a dessert person (always a carb addict) until i started dieting, now i can live with less carbs and cannot seem to pry myself away from a sweet or two a day. u can tell when its the week before my period, the chocolate intake increases!! but normally i stay within my calorie range if i treat myself. yes my life is healthier, blah blah blah, lol but i now need some results!!

4/26/12 4:59 P

I am happy to give it a look over.
Can you share your SP calorie range? Are you tracking fiber? How much are you getting daily?
Is there anything in particular you are concerned about--or just overall quality of the diet in relationship to weight loss?

SP Dietitian Becky

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4/26/12 3:53 P

I have not been making very good progress and coach nancy suggested i talk to someone regarding my there someone that can look at my nutrition tracker and give me some advice???

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