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4/2/12 3:12 P

SP_COACH_NANCY...I heard something similar also...your satisfaction comes with the first three bites and after that you are just finishing it.

Luckily for me, peanut butter things don't tempt me. Give me solid chocolate every time.

4/2/12 3:00 P

thank you for your advice! i actually almost never eat chocolate...i am around it so much, that i only really want it about once a month...ladies, you know what i am talking about...but for some reason, i want one really bad....i know it wont kill me, but i am pretty good about sticking to my diet. if i had not been sick and cheated over the past week, i would probably allow myself to have it...i just don't know if i should be super strict, because of last week's sick-cheating

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4/2/12 2:36 P

this may or may not help...just tell yourself you already know whatit tastes like...its nothing new and will taste exactly yhe same as before. I even try to imagine how it feels and tastes and then i let it go. Its all in your head

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4/2/12 2:17 P


If you eat chocolate on a regular basis because you work at the shop, then you know you don't have to have the egg today. You could save it for another time. I find I really appreciate a particular food much more when I don't eat it every day.

Here's a test, do you think you could take five whole minutes to eat that egg ? If so, then eat the egg. If you think you could inhale it like a Hoover, skip the egg. If you're ready to sit and savor the egg, have the egg. If you're just hungry and need instant gratification, no egg.

Enjoy one of these instead !

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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4/2/12 1:16 P


I am not a fan of deprivation, however, I do know that some foods for me are trigger foods. You know the foods that once you start eating you can't stop. That being said, if you plan by working this in your nutrition tracker and you take it slowly, then enjoy.

A few years ago I read something to the effect, that everything we crave can be resolved by that first bite and every bite after that is just eating.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

4/2/12 12:14 P

i had lost 35 pounds, got sick and went off my diet for a week (i was too sick to leave the house, so i ate the junk my boyfriend keeps around), and now i need to get back in gear...i work at a chocolate shop and i am sitting 6 inches away from chocolate peanut butter eggs....i want one so bad, but i know i shouldn't....someone please help!!!

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