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3/28/12 4:58 P

You all are super, thank you for the help!!! :D

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3/28/12 3:26 P

Set your trackers for "maintanence": Set your current weight and goal weight the same as your current weight. Enter the weekly caloric expenditure through exercise that you habitually do as your goal. As a result, SP will give you a caloric range that will keep your current weight under these conditions. You will also be given your macronutrient amounts that you should be consuming, and if you want, you can track many more nutrients in the nutrition tracker.

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3/28/12 2:20 P

If you want an approximation of your caloric expenditure for hundreds of activities, go to this website:
, click on Activity Calculator, fill in the relevant blanks, find your activity in the list or using the search feature, click "Calculate" and read the number of calories. It can only be an approximation at best but it may be better than nothing. For example, it will tell you that a 145 pound person will expend 526 calories during one hour of ice hockey. That's about the same as a 5 miles walk. Of course you may wan to tweak the result depending on how much time you spend in the penalty box or warming the bench.

Good luck and good health!!

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3/28/12 1:58 P

In order to take caloric needs into account, you need to know your caloric needs.

Do you know how many calories hockey burns? As stated, the lifting is much more complex. But if you can start with the hockey, you can enter that as a fitness "calories to burn per week" goal, and that will affect your range.

Set your goal and start weight the same and put your goal date as a year out. That'll give you a range for maintaining. Since you lift heavy as well, start by utilising near the top of the range, and see how you go. Give it 6-8 weeks. If youv'e lost weight, eat a little more. If you've gained weight, eat a little less.

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3/28/12 1:36 P

The problem is, you can't accurately estimate calories burned during heavy lifting. You can set up your goals by putting in your current weight and telling it you want to maintain. Then put in your estimate of calories burned from your hockey into your fitness goals and it will give you your nutritional ranges. Then, you can play around a bit. You can eat inthe rages, and if you feel like you need more, you can eat near the top. If you still feel like you need more, you can go over, but carefully monitor to see if taht causes a weight gain or not.

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3/28/12 12:53 P


New here and confused. :D

I don't want to lose weight. I want to track my food so I make sure I get enough calories and the right nutrition to fuel my weight lifting and hockey.

How do I set up my goals so it takes into account that I lift (heavy) three times a week and play hockey one to two times a week, which demands a lot of calories? My issue is that I know that I'm currently not eating enough, and need to know how much more of what.

I don't want to log my workouts here, though.

How do I set this up?

Thank you!!

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