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2/22/13 10:13 A

It's Friday so the pressure is going to be on today to meet your mates at the pub, have a few laughs, and have a few pints.

Tell them you'll meet them, but you have to do something else first. Then go and do your workout. When you get to the pub, order your pint and a glass of water. Drink the water first, to quench your thirst, then enjoy your pint. Then another glass of water. If you stay hydrated with water you won't drink as many pints.

Give it a try. You'll also through straighter darts.

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2/19/13 3:21 P

It is all about self control and what do you want more. I use to go out drinking every night, but I grew out of that stage as it lost the fun for me. I like the good feeling of working out better than the drunk feeling now, but I still go out with my friends about once a month or so.

It sounds like these are guys from work? Have you thought about including them in your workout? Or maybe hit the gym right after work and then meet them later at the pub for a few drink (just don't feel like you have to "catch up" with them). Hope you figure something out. Good Luck

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2/19/13 12:12 P

How often do you go? Try tapering yourself down rather than quitting altogether. Say you'll only do happy hour Thursdays and Fridays. Then just try sticking to light beer, etc.

CRIZDV Posts: 9
2/18/13 7:22 P

i have it all sorted for what to do after work, but somehow my mind tricks me and i end up at the pub with my mates. some times i am able to go out and do exercise instead, and feel great afterwards.

although i don't want to stop i wish to cut down, and enjoy my evenings doing some sport/exercise.

but my plans just aren't sticking. any ideas on how to over come this issue/ reduce my intake

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