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9/19/12 6:06 P

PLANNING is paramount when faced with constant derailments. It has taken a while but I have come to recognize where a LOT (notice I did NOT say ALL) of the pitfalls are likely to appear - I plan strategies to work around, work through, and survive them. When the unexpected and/or the unplanned for ones come up, I take a few moments to reassess what I DID and/or DID NOT do well and PLAN for the NEXT time they appear. Between those steps comes the NOT BEATING MYSELF UP OR ALLOWING GUILT to rob me of my enjoyment of the life I live. When I get the unexpected dinner invitation and go out and decide on a strawberry daiquiri, I don't start turning the daiquiri into some sort of SUPER BOOGEY MAN - It is ONLY a drink, I enjoyed it and now, will move on.

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9/19/12 2:23 P


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9/19/12 2:06 P

Thank you Tanya - that was very helpful!!

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9/19/12 1:28 P

What you are experiencing is something many people do --- life! Don't Let a Setback Stop You from Pushing Ahead! Here are some articles that focus on ways to stay focused on the goal and keep moving forward, one small step at a time.

1 Step Back, 2 Steps Forward

How to Deal with Setbacks

25 Ways to Get Back on Track Today

Coach Tanya

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9/19/12 11:56 A

I have been doing great and then I found out we are having a house guest for a week (our guest room is also my gym! ) We wil be taking him out to eat and drinking a lot. Before this I was doing great then Hurricane Issac came and derailed my hard work.

Next will be the holidays - how do you stay on track when you have constant distractions? I get started doing well and then I'm back to square one - is this a will power issue??


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