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KELEKONA Posts: 605
8/19/11 6:21 P

I only store heavy-salt pre-bags for microwave, though thanks to its storage space I trend towards boiling pasta by the time I'm that desperate.

Air-popper kernals can go into a ceramic microwave-safe dish. I think a quarter cup per 2-quart capacity sounds right. No guarantees about the health of the dish even though the 1970's milk-glass survived.

ANEWGIDGET SparkPoints: (0)
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8/19/11 4:13 P

I don't have space for an airpopper, and I dislike microwaves, so I do it on the stove top. A tad bit of oil in a nice medium sized pot (I've heard you can do it without oil, but I've never tried). When the pot is hot, add your kernels and put the lid on the pot. Shake it periodically until the popping stops! Super easy and quick. I like to toss it with a bit of fresh grated Parmesan cheese - a bit salty, delicious, and you can use less of it than you would butter. My husband really likes hot sauce on his - lots of flavor, not many calories. I've tried herbs, but never found a combination that did it for me.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
8/19/11 3:37 A

I just pop em on the stove with a little oil.

A bit plain, but I like it.........

MERCHANT109 SparkPoints: (2,363)
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8/18/11 6:06 P

When they say 1 cup on the site as a serving size is that unpopped or popped? emoticon

ZOEYBLU Posts: 69,347
3/18/11 5:21 P

I don't....I like the way they make it at the movies ..
I would rather have it as a guilty pleasure once in a while there


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SUNNYGRL160 SparkPoints: (0)
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3/16/11 8:11 P

I have a air popper, adds no fat, or sodium. It pops the kernels using only hot air. I spray a few spritzes of spray parkey on top- be careful though overdoing will add calories. I also like to sprinkle a little cinnamon, garlic powder, chili powder, for a change of taste.

FLANFLANFLAN SparkPoints: (0)
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3/16/11 12:47 P

Do Not Attempt if you have a sodium issue!
This probably sounds gross but I feel comfortable sharing it: air popp spray butter/pam + a sprinkle of dry onion soup mix (you know the one I am talking about).

For a sweet riff: air popp, spray butter/pam + sf hot chocolate mix powder. Hey, it was laying around!

popcorn + soy sauce + spray butter

popcorn + franks sweet heat hot sauce (buffalo, sweet)

PS I know it sounds junky but 95% of my diet is clean so why not!

LEAN_MOM Posts: 356
3/15/11 6:57 P

I don't make healthy popcorn. I just eat smaller, portioned amounts of really really GOOD popcorn.

My first job in high school was at a movie theater. I got spoiled on the good stuff. Many nights it was my dinner! I can't eat popcorn that tastes like cardboard.

I have a bowl at home that is exactly 100 calories of the really buttery stuff my husband buys. I eat one bowl, then stop. While my husband eats 2 large bags...

The movie theater that I worked at (for 3 years) used coconut oil in the popper. That stuff is SOLID at room temperature - I know, because if we didn't warm the stuff up early enough and we got a rush, there would be no popcorn. So obviously saturated fat. But man did it taste good!

Just talking about it makes me miss the popcorn that comes fresh out of the popper - grabbing some before it even hits the bottom. Yum!

Great, now I'm hungry...

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LUMINAJD1 Posts: 2
3/15/11 11:51 A
This is the only way I will make it. And check out other stuff on her site, she has a lot of great recipes.

ANGIEN9 Posts: 3,753
3/15/11 8:53 A

Snoopy1960...That is a great way to make popcorn. They sure don't advertise it, do they!! I like the spray and topping idea, too!! Thanks!!

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ANGIEN9 Posts: 3,753
3/15/11 8:51 A

They now make single serve popcorn for the microwave. It may not be as healthy as air popped, but there is less there to tempt me!! It is enough to give me my popcorn fix, yet not too much to ruin my food tracking for the day. And popcorn is good for you!!


PLESSNER SparkPoints: (0)
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3/14/11 8:39 P

Air popper

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
3/13/11 10:48 P

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1 brown paper bag ( lunch bag )

Place popcorn in bag , fold bag a few times. Stand bag upright in microwave and set timer for 4 minutes. The first time you do this you will have to monitor it very closly. Once you can count 2 seconds between "pops" you are done. Stop the microwave or you will burn the popcorn and the bag.

There are so many different toppings that I could go on and on but I always use "I can't belive its not butter spray" I find it is great because whatever else you add will stick to the popcorn because of the spray.

Seasoned salt
Brown sugar
Italian seasonings
Chili powder

ALIAKAI SparkPoints: (0)
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3/13/11 5:05 P

I pop the dried kernels in a tsp or two of oil with seasoned salt and a dash of whatever seasoning sounds good at the time...tarragon, garlic, and a dash of cinammon have all made interestingly flavored lighter popcorn. Experiment and have fun!

MOIRAFITZ Posts: 458
3/13/11 10:59 A

I buy the bags of kernel and air pop them with an air popper or use a brown bag in the microwave. These methods do not use any oils or fat but still taste great. If you use the brown bag method, it is suggested you put 1/4 cup of kernels in a brown lunch bag and pop it for about 2 minutes depending on your microwave. This recipe is a good model although I did not use a staple because you can just fold the top over a couple times. The seasonings are just suggestions and can be altered to your taste. Good luck!

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
3/13/11 10:02 A

I saw some raw popcorn in the supermarket. it was pretty cheap, they look like dried corn kernels.

So, my question is : how to do you pop them without adding tons of fat and sugar to them. Like they keep saying in SP, how do you pop corn in a healthy way?

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