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7/20/12 4:25 P

If I understand correctly, you want to eat within your calorie range and work the program without undereating which can slow results. I suggest that you add nuts, seeds and avocado to your diet. They're good for you but pack a caloric punch.

AM_MORRIS87 Posts: 1,665
7/20/12 2:18 P

I mean, you've lost 9 lbs in less than a month. That's actually considered a lot. Weight does come off more easily in the beginning, but I don't think you need to do anything to lose it quicker.

Now, in regards to your calories, if you're not meeting your calorie goal, there are some simple solutions. The way you're talking in your post, it sounds like you're afraid you're eating too much... but the topic description says "How do I eat more calories." So I'll assume that's what you mean. If you need to eat more calories, the answer is fairly simple, you just need to eat more food. If you're not very hungry, it could be because you are eating way too little, and your body is kind of in starvation mode (which obviously isn't good), or that you just have a small appetite. Either way, if you don't really wanna eat much more, you can concentrate on adding calorie rich foods like peanut/almond butter, oats, cheeses, whole eggs, etc. These have a higher concentration of calories than foods like vegetables, fruit, egg whites, etc. If you add a few healthier higher calorie foods, you'll be able to increase your calorie consumption fairly easily.

I'm sure this is a problem most people WISH they had, lol. Good luck!

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7/20/12 2:04 P

I am having a hard time meeting my calorie goal. I think thats why im not dropping weight as I thought I would being I stopped all cokes, candies, chips, bread, tortilla and yes condiments as well..I am walking 35 to 45 minutes a day and drinking oh so much water. I am still trying to figure this whole site out. I started this site on Monday the 16th of this month but had actually started the process on the 9th. When I weighed in on the 9th I was weighing 269 I am now down to 260 is this too little weight that Im loosing? I keep telling myself that alone with dropping all the junk food and walking that eventually the weight will come off.. Am I right or is there something Im not doing?

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