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CEALIE Posts: 2
5/18/12 9:58 A

I remember those days...I'm free of that now. But just wanted to mention - back when I was on birth control pills they created a ravenous hunger in me and I never felt full. My stomach was like a bottomless pit. I had a terrible time controlling myself while I was on them. One of their many side effects is weight gain and they sure made me put on weight. So if you are on the pill, it may be contributing to the problem.

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5/18/12 9:47 A

Make sure you're getting plenty of sleep. I've found that whether it's during my "week" or not, if I'm sleep deprived then my body is craving energy and I will want to eat everything in sight. Also, I like the previous post about just having one small bite of chocolate or a handful of chips. Don't completely deprive yourself otherwise you are going to get resentful and cave in big time. I've found on those occassions where I MUST have Mexican food (my downfall) then I just readjust what I eat for the rest of the day. It's all about learning how to control your portion sizes. Good luck!

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
5/16/12 10:31 A

I get that way too some months. And I'm not just craving good stuff - it's usually things like chips and ice cream and cookies. I'm just ravenous and nothing short of eating will make me feel better. If I try to avoid the cravings I become a raving B****... which doesn't make my boyfriend too happy! To help I will eat at least a little of what I am wanting - a handful of chips, one cookie, a little chocolate... whatever will take the edge off and then I don't feel deprived. The rest of the time I will try to distract myself with taking the dogs for a walk, reading, crocheting, gardening - anything to keep my mind off and my hands and body busy.

307MOMMA Posts: 704
5/16/12 9:38 A

I've been needing an answer to this question but didn't know how to ask it. For me I've one week each month (ladies you know what week I'm talking about lol) when I never feel satisfied, I just want to continually eat! And it's not that I have unhealthy cravings I just can't seem to get enough. It's an in between feeling like I don't get full and I'm not truly hungry and I have almost 0% success in staving off the urge. Very frustrating! Advice would be appreciated. =)

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