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3/23/12 11:55 A

Sorry Alicia I have not been on here...I know bad Me!

Weigh in today was 150.2....yikes.

Tried the HCG diet - lowest weight 147.2 from 155.2.

Now on Atkins, Day 4 of induction. As I read through my journal I see I am still where I was emotionally and physically as when I started this journal.

Still trying to achieve the same goal - I am confident that what I have learned through my HCG journey that I can finally achieve this goal.

MOMMY2TWO07 Posts: 3,912
11/3/11 1:30 P

Are you still taking 5htp ? Did it help with curbing appetite ?

10/24/11 1:08 P

Reality Check

Here we are 28 days in on my own personal long will it take to reach the 130's? I was 148 I think when I decided upon this challenge two weeks ago. Today I am 150.....argh!!!

I am not going to cry...I need to figure out what to change. Clearly what I am doing is not working for me so I need to find out what does.

Today I had a protein shake for breakfast...35 grams of protein....and it's an easy fix!!! Ok this will have to be a keeper. I really should have a shake when the kids are at the table having brekky too!

Lunch was 1 cup of egg whites with cheddar cheese. Again, lots of protein.

A good solid amount of protein usually works for me. I have been really "carby" lately because I have not been feeding my body enough protein.

Need to keep my tracker up to date as well.

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10/21/11 3:37 P

It was a hard struggle for me to see the 30's on the scale...haven't seen those #s in about 8-9 years so I was floored when my scale read 139 (and not just for a day-it's been a good week AMEN!)! You can do it! I have only been watching my food intake/calories/fruits/veggies/whole grains/etc & have not been exercising so you should hit your goal weight in no time on your plan! Good luck to you and your goals :) WE CAN DO IT!

10/17/11 1:29 P

Starting 5 HTP today.

The mood swings, the depression, the bingeing, they all need to stop!

50 mg 3 x a day - this is how I will start.

Will continue with my fish oil supplements as well!

10/12/11 9:19 P

Past two night have been binge city. I just can't seem to regain control....seriously?

And here we are today...same thing in the afternoon.

I am off to Montreal with the babe tomorrow (Thursday) and will return on Saturday. Eating and traveling .... oh help me!

At least we are in a B and B for two nights. The place has a kitchen....but we are right near McGill University, I bet the walking will be fabulous!

This is life, I still have to walk through it....even though I am not the way I want to still goes on without me...hahaha.

Anyways I'll be back on Sunday - I need to give some serious thought as to how to get out of this repetitive rut. How many days are we at now? I am 16 days in today...and no further ahead. ahhhhh.

10/11/11 2:56 P


Stepped on the scale this morning and I show a two pound gain. Back up to 147.4....Here we go again. I am bouncing up and down the 140's.....

I have met with Jillian today.

I have walked.

I am on track and tracking.

I have to figure this out and get on with it!!!!

10/10/11 8:40 P

We celebrated Thanksgiving over the long weekend! It was a great long weekend. The weather was beautiful a balmy 25 - 30 degrees. Seriously and it's Thanksgiving, we certainly made the best of it and got outside at every opportunity.

Included in the 4 days
-3.5 hours in the car to see the mother in law - it was a nice visit, although everyone is worried about Susie.
-white wine
- a great blue mountain pottery find in the thrift shop in Harrow
-gin and tonic x 3 x 2 - yup I had 3 every night...they were good!!! :)
-36 hours with the in laws, sister in law and all kids - I do love spending time with family
-Talked about a family trip in May to Florida!!! Boo Yah!
-1/2 hour group family walk along the Detroit River - the homes were incredible
-ice cream on the by the riverside - Macie had a taster of everyones...soo cute!
-an hour in the park chasing the LO - she is doing so well on the equipment.
-another 3.5 hour car ride home - was nice to come home on Sunday and still have another day off.
-1.5 hour walk with the LO and DH up the to the Mount Albion Falls.
-2 family movies. Limitless and Unaccompanied Minors
-pumpkin butter - made by yours truly
-pumpkin cookies - again I made these last week.
-pumpkin oatmeal - made with Steel Cut Oats.

4 days of no tracking.

I feel like I kept everything in check though. I did not over indulge but I did enjoy what I wanted to.

Excited to get back on track with Jillian this week. A workout a day from Tuesday to Friday. Walk on Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday.

Need to think abut I want to track me's, time, calories burned.

10/6/11 2:12 P

Well no scale for me thins morning.

I made pumpkin butter last night...I had a few licks of the spoon but that was it.

It was after when I was on the phone with a friend that I scarfed down about a dozen kraft caramels.

Today is a new day, this will not thwart my efforts.

There is the scientific approach and than there is the behavior that gets in the way....on to another day!

10/5/11 8:57 P

FAT 55

These were my macros today. And I felt hungry in the afternoon...otherwise feel ok. Had a workout and a walk today. Would like to see the scale move tomorrow!

10/5/11 3:34 P

It is Tuesday and what a great start to the week I have had. Got in 2, yup that's 2 videos with Jillian yesterday. I popped in the 30 day Shred and did 1 in the afternoon and one in the evening. Also had a great walk yesterday. The weather had been fantastic and the sun has been shining which always helpos with my moodiness. I just finished up Level 3 of the 30 Day Shred.
My food intake has been around 1400. I am loading up on protein - between 100 and 160 a day. The thing is I'm still hungry....why? how? Not sure what to tweak.
The scale has not been friendly, I really wish I took measurements last week, but I do feel my body changing. I know I just have to keep going. So off I go!!1

10/4/11 12:09 A

Not in a very chatty mood, but I'm checking in anyways as it has been a few days. Weekend was Ok. Sunday night I indulged in a few too many treats. Did not weigh this morning...why start the week off on a bad foot right?
Today has been good. Got strength in, not cardio though.
Keeping on....

9/30/11 10:42 P

Another day...not perfect, but a good day! Walked, worked out, ate within range and getting my water in still.
I'm getting into the 130's...I WILL do it!

9/29/11 10:27 P

Second post today....!!!
Had to share. Guess what? I worked out 2x today!!!
Here comes the momentum.
6 pounds...I got this one!!!

Had the family over for dinner tonight. Had small portions. High on the carb and low on the protein, but I managed. This is do-able!

9/29/11 3:30 P

Weighed in at 145 again this morning. All is well. I think I will skip weighing in for a few days now. I think I need to. I need to do some more work before I will see another drop. Maybe Sunday or Monday I'll have a peek.

Managed to get NMTZ in last night and again today. Woo Hoo! I am not doing alot warm up and cool down with two segments. That's it. Takes less than 30 mins a day! This week my cardio is walking. Need to get another walk in tomorrow.

Water is going well too. I have also started taking Omega 369's, I am trying to take two before each meal. Missed breakfast this morning but remembered lunch. I'm interested to see what the addition of the oils does. I know...I'll get to where I need to be :)

9/28/11 4:10 P

Down again this morning....I knew I would be :) When you put it on fast it comes off fast. But here I am back at 145. Yup been here for over a year.
Can't wait to go shopping in my closet!!! New wardrobe!!! Yeah! I have tonnes of pants, mostly work pants and at least half a dozen pairs of black pants.
Today has been busy, as most days are when you have a toddler. Plans have gone out the window. The babe is finally down for a nap and its 4PM. I have not done my NMTZ, supper is not made, and there is swimming for both kids tonight and I need a snack. Can't think about training until I nourish the body. Good thing I bought some TAZO Chai Tea this afternoon :) and made some Black bean brownies last I go for a yummy well deserved snack. Can I fit NMTZ in after the kids are in bed tonight? We'll see!!! This was day 3. How many days till I hit 139?? Can I do it in 30? Let's see.

9/27/11 1:54 P

Scale rocked with a two pound drop this morning. I know it is water weight. And I put those two pounds on quickly. But the battle to get out of the 140's is on. I have been hovering here for well over a year. Yes. It was a busy year. We got the house ready to sell...AGAIN!!! But we finally did it. We are outta there...bye, bye!!!

I have to be serious about this!!! I wonder how long it will take me? I don't "think" it should take too long. As of today it is 6.4 pounds. It feels more like 20 though. Actually the goal is 139 so it is actually 7.4 pounds that I need to shed. It will be interesting to see how my body reacts. I have been relatively consistent with my eating...binges included!

I popped in the Jillian DVD was hard, but I made it through two segments of NMTZ.

My window of opportunity for exercising is now, so of I go!!!

9/26/11 2:46 P

It has been 13 days since I last checked in!!!! REALLY? how are the days just flying by like this? And the sad part is I am no further ahead...infact I weigh more now 13 days ago...argh!!!

I have been last hurrrah as I keep telling myself. I find myself having more of everything in my life sometimes, and this is one of those times. I am an emotional wreck and I just need to STOP!!!! I need to get a grip on something at the moment, and that has to be me!

Today is DAY 1 of my own personal challenge. How long will it take me to get back into the 130's. How many days will it be till I see 139?

This plateau has been going on for a year. Time for me to take control. I will be strength training at home with Jillian Michaels and walking with the babe as often as I can...loooking at 5 times a week for at least half an our at a good steady click!

I will count Sept 26 as DAY 1.

Ready, Set, GO!!!!

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9/13/11 11:18 P

Today was a busy day with the babe. We were at the indoor gym, Chatters, getting some exercise. I think this will be a weekly ritual for us.

Heated up one of the wraps for brekky this morning. I love how quick and easy this is. Much better than cooking eggs etc. especially when I have to be somewhere in the morning. I have prepped some ingredients for some more and will make them while the babe is napping tomorrow. This time I will try ground chicken, cheese, white kidney beans, corn and some roasted garlic and pepper seasoning. I need to pick up some wraps tomorrow. I will be looking for a lower carb hopefully. I saw some cheese wraps the other day, I;m sure they are not low :).

I have spent some time in the kitchen tonight making Rachel Macmuffins. Now this is a great choice at 200 calories and 29 grams of protein. You can't go wrong. Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, I need to keep these on hand. I was delighted to find the canadian back bacon for 5$ at Food Basics and there was about 20 slices...sweet! Last time I paid 5 bucks for 11 pieces, not even enough for my recipe for 4 servings. Note to self...go get some more!

Looking forward to another great day tomorrow.

9/12/11 11:13 P

Stepped on the scale today and I was down a bit after this weekends food and drink fest. Thank goodness summer bbq season is coming to an end...till next year my dear friend!

Food was good today, actually on the low side. Feeling positive about this and want to take this further. I know I need to increase my water I just need to take action. I think I must get myself a new water bottle. That is what I need to do to kick this in gear.

Right now I feel I have a grip on the food side. has been a tremendous help. I did my session on Saturday and came home with 20 meals that would feed 3. I split my meals in two as the dinner feed 6. I made some burritos which not only I love DS does as well. They are so easy to just "pop" into the oven. I'm going to make a batch in the next few days because we need more. I will experiment with chicken (as requested) by DS and add some beans, corn, cheese. These little wonders are great for breakfast or perfect!

Tomorrow is another day, I have all meals planned already, this is a first for me. So let;s stick to the plan Hope and strive to get water in me!!

9/11/11 9:52 P

Today's food plan was not great... I was about 1600 calories. The wine and beer spiked me higher. Rome was not built in a day. Tomorrow is the first week of the new routine. I got this one!!!

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,098
9/11/11 12:25 A

Eating carbs (sugar/starches) like in Banana bread is difficult. It spikes INSULIN and makes us crave more.

9/10/11 10:38 P

Today is DAY 1 of "the change".

Just had two pieces of banana bread...not good!

I have stopped, I WILL not continue. Remain calm and carry on Hope.

I am looking forward to the changes...need to really get the water flowing through me starting tomorrow.

Looking forward to tomorrow and another day of positive choices.

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