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What do you mean when you say "when is this going to be fixed?" Are you having issues with the site adding food? If so, what kind of issues are you having?

I will also caution you that we do not recommend for our members to put their personal email address anywhere on the site, as we are a free site accessible by many people and unfortunately we cannot guarantee that someone will not use this to their advantage. Therefore, you may want to edit your post to remove your email address.

Coach Nancy

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3/23/12 12:33 P


If you're looking for a particular recipe, check out the Spark recipes section. Chef Meg as well as many members have posted thousands of great recipes you could try.

Also, if you find logging food difficult, why not start by logging one meal each day ? That's one way to ease into regular logging. If you don't want to log, you could write down your food and servings in a notebook. Studies have shown that people who log their food lose more weight than those who don't. That's because most people don't realize how much they eat until they see their food log. Logging your food can be a very eye opening experience.

However, if you feel uncomfortable logging all your food, try logging one meal a day to get you started.

Also, you might want to edit your post to remove your personal email address. while the spark community IS very helpful and supportive, because anyone can read the forums, some less than honest people could spam your account. If you want to talk to anyone on SP, you can PM them through the software.

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3/23/12 12:27 P

You can always keep track of your food manually until the site is working again for you. Have you checked in over at Site TEch Help? I haven't had any trouble accessing it, myself. What specifically is happening? Have you tried a different web browser?

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3/23/12 12:17 P

I feel really lost because I can't get on this site. I bought some food for recipes i saw and now i can't make them. I also feel like I'm cheating because i can't keep track of my food. I feel like I'm so alone. Does anyone know when this is going to be fixed? I can't believe how much I need this to guide me. feeling very lonely emoticon HELP

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