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3/17/12 10:12 A

You could try changing the way you cook your regular recipes so that they are healthier. Do things like oven-baking instead of frying, or use low-fat cheeses instead of full-fat cheese, or reduce salt and sugar. Use reduced calorie salad dressing instead of full calorie salad dressing.

You could also try talking to your daughter about portion control, how everyone can eat the same thing, but in different amounts.

If it's a question of introducing vegetables, you can sneak them into things like spaghetti sauce by chopping them up fine. I'm not a parent, but I've read that you have to introduce a person to a new food several times before they accept it. I hope someone who is a parent will chime in with better advice!

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3/16/12 10:01 P

did you try cooking the hamburger meat with onions and minced garlic? it changes the taste of the meat and makes it taste better

first cook the onion till their kind of golden, put the minced garlic and on high heat keep sturing it, once thats done lower the heat and add turmeric spice on it like 1 tsp then mix well, add the meat in raw and stur it for abit so all those would combine and give it an extra flavour, once its done add tomato paste just a little bit on there and cook it on high, afterwards you can use that on any other type of noodles or whatever you like

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3/16/12 9:27 P

please help i have an picky 11yr old. she dont really eat any hambruger but loves chicken, sausage, pork, ham, turkey pretty much anything but hambruger. when i try to make something healthy for the whole family she throws a fit cause she dont want to go on a diet like me. does anyone know any recipes that will make her think they are not healthy?

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