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LAMPI01 SparkPoints: (1,550)
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11/14/12 7:49 P

You Lady's are the Best!!! Thank you all so much for the comments and the motivation. And with your help I got out after work tonight and walked around the neighborhood for 20 min. Yup....I can do it!!!! I feel great.........(I just need to keep it going)
Thank you

JSELLINGTON SparkPoints: (200,282)
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11/14/12 10:37 A

Everyone has hit on what you need to focus on. BABY STEPS - start small. Mornings are ideally the best but if you are struggling to get to work, look at lunch time or after work. You may have to try a bunch of stuff before you hit your "Happy Place". I went thru tons of things before I found the routines that I love. Are you a runner, walker, or how about just working out in the privacy of your own home?

Start easy, 10 min routines which you can find here. Dancing really hard to a favorite song or 2. Check out You tube for Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied" or the Cupid Shuffle, look for something that is just fun and full of energy and start there. Do that a few times until you master it and watch out, you will be exercising. If it is not fun then you won't want to do it. I tried a bunch of stuff before I got to the place I am now. I love working out and I do it in the morning. Rare occassion I may do it at night after work. For example, I have a lot of stress in my life, so Turbo Jam works because I can punch kick and jam for my workout.
It is all boils down to "YOUR" passion. Do you want this REALLY or is it a mild desire? Think about it.

11/14/12 10:20 A

Find something you like. It doesnt have to be an hour long thing, not even 30 minutes at first. Just start out doing something you enjoy for at least 10 minutes. As you see the benefits of that, you may decide you want to spend more time doing it, or find different things you might enjoy.
I keep myself motivated to exercise by setting mini goals, and if I reach those goals, giving my self a prize (non food related prizes).
I hope this helps some...

Kristi Marie

UGAKATE85 Posts: 2,630
11/14/12 10:17 A

Some things I've found helpful: First and foremost, find something you ENJOY. I love Zumba and so those two days a week, it's not hard to get out the door and to the gym. Another piece of advice: find people to keep you accountable. I exercise most days on my lunch break with a coworker; some days one of us won't want to work out but we push each other to do it anyways. Also the more people you tell about your desire to exercise, eat better, live a healthy life, etc, the more people around to help you stay accountable. Plus, I've NEVER regretted a workout (something I often have to remind myself of when I'm getting up at 6 to make it to the gym before work....)

MIAMIVT SparkPoints: (0)
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11/14/12 10:13 A

i think it is a motivation thing when you are first starting out. Are you happy with how things are now? Most likely if you are you won't get up and do anything. But if you see the need for change you need to exert 1% effort and put some shoes on and go. Even if it's just for a quick walk. Once you start doing that it will all fall into place. It is really just that first time that's the hardest. Everyone on spark people has been through this. You can do it!

JENNILACEY SparkPoints: (81,972)
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11/14/12 7:06 A

I just pencil it into my routine, I workout after breakfast. I find getting it done in the morning gives me less time to talk myself out of it. I also chose a time when I have the most energy.

I do at home fitness videos. My first month I just worked on my diet changes and then the second month I started up fitness. I started doing 20-30 mins of low impact cardio and following some ST videos here on Spark, every day. I used to exercise before (60 mins on an elipitical 5x a week) so I think that's why it was easy for me to start back up at that duration. When I worked out before and was first starting I could only do 10 mins on the elipitical but worked my way up to 60 mins after 3 months.

I now do 60 mins of cardio every other day and approximately 60 mins of ST every other day. With the occasional rest day bi weekly.

Spark has really helped me break out of my "laziness". Which believe me, I was before starting up Spark again after my second pregnancy. I'm a bit of an all "all or nothing" type so I just dove head first into it and never looked back. Now it's just a normal part of my day.

NSMANN Posts: 981
11/13/12 6:20 P

The title of this thread makes me LOL. I feel lazy sometimes too. I have found that having a streak I'm working on motivates me to go exercise. For example, I just completed a 6 week streak where I worked out at least 3 times per week. Not wanting to lose my streak is a great motivator to keep working out. Maybe you could start with something modest like working out 10 minutes per day.

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11/13/12 5:52 P


I am really great with formal exercise, however, when it comes to being active outside formal activity this is where I struggle...what has helped me immensely is getting a pedometer--for the past month I have been working diligently to get in at least 10,000 steps a day in. On my non-run days, this can be a big challenge but I find that it is also a huge motivator to get me moving.

Coach Nancy

11/13/12 5:27 P

You start out doing something you enjoy. Everyone enjoys at least one physical activity like walking, swimming, dancing, playing a sport, etc. If you find some thing that you actually like you're much more likely to want to do and keep doing it

If you have trouble committing to an extended period of exercise right now start with 10 minutes. You can try one of the exercise videos on here(or one of the thousands on youtube) or even walk somewhere close to your house that you would typically drive to.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,685
11/13/12 5:14 P

How do you start?
Lace up some shoes and take a walk!

How about no TV or internet until you exercise?

LAMPI01 SparkPoints: (1,550)
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11/13/12 4:52 P

how did you start with exercise and how much are you doing now? i got a hard time to even start walking or something easy.....i feel horrible and way to lazy. how can i get into the habit to do some? emoticon

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