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5/6/12 2:35 P

Thankyou, great help will try that

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go to and you can add in the items you put into the dish, and then put in how many servings it made. write out the whole thing, and then it can calculate it for you, and then there will be a button to add to your meal plan for the day. And then you can also click to make sure to add to your favorites and it will now be there for any future times you make it. I know it will take a little time now, but will save you TONS later on.


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5/6/12 5:31 A

Hello i'm new to this sight & was wondering if anyone can offer advice, with making meals for family rather than just me i often cook from scratch but am unsure how to track the meal for instance if i made gravy i can add all the ingredients to my tracker but would only have had a 5th off it and dont see how i can put this on my tracker
any help would be great

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