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10/7/12 11:46 A

I think most parents are doing the best they can. Some parents may think they are showing love by hovering over their kids. There is so much criticism of everything we do (especially with moms), lets just give each other a break.

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10/7/12 1:53 A

OMG CAWYATT... I nearly peed myself when I saw your comment! If only Ms. Perfect was here to see these posts :D

CAWYATT Posts: 5
10/4/12 1:43 A

I can't be a helicopter parent. With two kids walking in opposite directions, there is no way I can be hovering over both of them. I have to pick the 14 month old simply because he doesn't listen as well! I guess I have been accused of being to absent though, but in my opinion I wasn't. Just different views I guess.

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10/3/12 6:21 P

when my twins were younger, my husband and i used to joke if they weren't choking, bleeding or on fire, let them be.

overprotective parents and less hands on parents both believe they are doing what is best for their children. no one likes their parenting decisions questioned.

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10/3/12 4:35 P

I'm with THEMRSJACOBS..I try to be balanced, but I do tend to be more helicopter than absentee parent. Then again, I have 3 kids under 7, including twins, and all boys. I spend most of my time as a referee!

FITMOMMY18 Posts: 384
10/2/12 9:46 A

Dear STLCARDSFANS05 what is your issue with parents? You jealous? First I read the thing about the "annoying pregnant chick" and now this? What's your deal?

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10/1/12 10:02 P

Every parent is different. I'd prefer to see a parent over-care than to not care enough about the welfare of their child.

And you never know - maybe she is there because he was being bullied or beat up on previously while waiting at the bus stop. It sounds to me like the other kids that are "poking fun" need a good smack.

With that said, I'm a bit of a helicopter parent compared to the neglectful ones around where I live. Their 5-10 year olds take off on their bikes in the morning and don't come home for hours. They have NO idea where they go and could really care less - as long as they are out of their hair, that is all that matters. And we live in ghetto Hampton Roads, Virginia. I just started letting my 8 year old 3rd grader walk to school alone - we live only a street away from the gate to the school. There are many who let their Kindergarteners walk alone from further away. So, if caring makes me a helicopter parent...I'll wear that badge. :)

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9/9/12 12:01 P

There is no shortage of helicopter parents (mostly moms, a few dads too) hanging around dance studios, let me tell you! They will meddle in placement decisions and casting for recitals or performances. Other helicopter parents I've known will do homework for their children to ensure that the kid gets a decent grade.

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9/8/12 11:00 P

My neighbors have a son who has wrecked 4 trucks and has been arrested 4 times for DUI. They always bail him out then eventually buy hima new truck. He shares a room with his straight laced older brother and when the parents go out of town, the burn out has wild parties with drugs and alcohol. The older brother will call his parents and they come running home to smooth things out. So ridiculous. By the way, the " boys" are 38 and 40 years old.

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9/8/12 4:24 A

I'm a bit of a helicopter parent myself, but considering that both of my boys are neurologically disabled it could be said i'm not enough of a helicopter parent. I do notice the looks i get though and hope the boys don't get teased by other kids for it.

My helicopter parent confessions :)
I stand within 20ft of my 4yr old at the park at all times if there's no fence *i get a lot of looks for this but if i don't he'll be out in the road within seconds*

I still put up baby gates in the hall to keep my kids in their room at night *4 and 5 years old*

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9/4/12 4:15 P

I had a conversion with some other moms regarding the youngest age they would let their kids take a bath on their own. One mom said 11.

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8/30/12 9:12 A

just when you think you can't be surprised...the 10 yr old and floaties. bless your heart

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8/30/12 1:42 A

I have a friend who let's her kids fight it out (ie. not helicopter-like) but then sends her 1st grader to school with a sippy cup. It's kinda weird and she's had the nerve to ask my why her kid is picked on. Really?!

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8/29/12 7:32 A

My mother in law is the ULTIMATE helicopter parent. A few examples:

1) She kept my brother in law in a play pen until he was 18 months old because she was afraid he'd fall and hurt himself.

2)My oldest niece is 15, and she refuses to let that child have fun dip or baby bottle pops because she's afraid she'll choke to death.

3) She tried to make my ten year old (who has been swimming like a fish since she was two) wear floaties in the pool.

4) When we would take all the kids to the park (I have three nieces and three nephews, plus my daughter) she wants them within ten feet of her at ALL TIMES, and God forbid they want to go stand on the dock and feed the ducks. We had to take shifts!

8/28/12 8:51 P

I think that parenting is a challenging job ,and each one of us is searching for that balance between too much or too little freedom for our kids.I would encourage those kids who are laughing to step back and not judge somebody based on his parents.

8/24/12 8:21 A

holy crap. that is ridiculous

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8/22/12 8:53 P

I remember a mom living in the dorm room of one girl at university.

8/22/12 8:43 A

absolutely!!! hit the nail on the head...BALANCE. our job is to teach them to be independent and confident

EBONYSOL Posts: 2,384
8/22/12 5:28 A

Had to look up the term - helicopter parents.
When my kids were growing up there were parents' who HAD to be involved in every one of their kid's activities i.e. volunteered in classroom, lunch monitor, active member of PTA, coached soccer team, chaperon on band trips, chose their kid's friends, etc. I also saw parents who didn't care about how their child was doing or what they were doing. They were the ABSENT parents. Balance is a good concept in general and especially for children.

8/20/12 9:25 A

i work with some serious helicopter parents. we live in a little country town and one of them waits AT THE BUS STOP with her 7th grade son and doesn't understand why kids poke fun at him.

tell me your helicopter parent stories....

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