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3/28/13 8:07 A

Well said ERICWS,

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3/28/13 7:22 A


But, I think you can train by running and adhering to different schedules or training concepts. I see running season as race season. I like feeling a little competitive, and the race season gives my running a little structure.

So, distance increases if you want to run longer for a half- or full-marathon, and speed work to try to boost speed for a 5k.

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3/26/13 10:49 A

Honestly, nothing gets you ready to run except running.

Some things can work your cardio system, some things can work your legs, but running is a unique combination.

Just get out there and go as far as you can, as hard as you can, in as much time as you can commit.

As I always tell my gym partner who likes to cancel on me 2-3x per week, the hardest lift of all is your butt off of the couch.

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3/25/13 8:03 A

Gosh no - I'm happy to just do a 5km run whenever I have time to. My schedule is hectic and often my running takes place in the evening.
Good to hear other people's prep work though!

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3/23/13 2:57 P


Yes! I am in my "preseason training mode" right now. Race season is May-October/November for me, and I usually have an offseason of December-February where I do different things and try not to lose too much of my base.

My plan is for a 13.1 in late May. I am on week 3 of a Higdon beginner schedule, and am trying to get outside as much as possible despite the January-like chill of early spring. My first race will likely be a 5k in mid- to late- April so I can get the competitive juices flowing, and hopefully I will do what I did last year- 1 or 2 races per month.

Are you running any races?

3/22/13 9:40 A

Good Luck!

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3/22/13 8:10 A

Here in the Great White North, I don't run in the winter... there are too many crazies out there who would happily clip ya on their way to Tim Hortons. (Canadians would understand the attraction..)

Running Season: (that time of year when the snow has melted for a while, and the temperature is above 0 Celcius so I don't wear 10 layers and do twice as much laundry)

So in preparation for running season I'm doing the P90X Plyometrics once a week and using my handy-dandy jump rope almost every morning. All to built up the cardio endurance.

This is my second week doing the Plyometrics (jump training). It's about an hour, and last week I did 40 minutes of it, this week I did the full hour and was not wiped out at the end! Yyyyyeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

I don't have a treadmill, can't afford a gym membership so it's Plyometrics and jump rope, and occasionally the Insanity fitness test.

Does anyone else have a Running Season and currently doing prep-work for it - or am I alone on this one?

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