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EWILLIAMS1000 Posts: 242
10/30/12 1:45 A

I also have special needs kids in my house. Makes taking care of myself is a balancing act. Thankfully, one of my kids is a cardiac patient and thus a cardiac diet exists in our home making low calorie low fat easier. but exercising and getting personal time for stress management is sometimes non existant. I am still working on my habit of emotionally overeating and finding a better way to cope with my stress because even healthy foods in those kinds of quanities is bad. What do you find lessens your stress?

AUSFAM Posts: 115
9/30/12 4:17 P

I'm thinking of you and your son, and I applaud you for looking for ways to stick with your goals and keeping yourself healthy!

I agree JADOMB...make one meal but maybe eat a large helping of fruits/veggies with yours and then only a small portion of the rest to still stay within your ranges.

Another thing I have done is make a big meal for one person that could be reheated easily (i.e. casserole) and then have only one meal to create each night. I find it's a much more manageable way to have 2 menus because you only have one prep each night--some nights everyone gets leftovers and there are no preps! I think it cuts down on dishes too! :)

Best of luck!

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9/18/12 3:57 P

My prayers are with you and your son. As far as having two diets, that really shouldn't be that big of an issue. Even my wife and I don't eat the same. She is not as into balance and strict accountability as I am. So there are many times I am making something for her that I may or may not be able to eat. Or, I don't eat as much or mix it up with something else or skip the rice and just eat the meat and vegetables, etc.

KRIS170 Posts: 79
9/17/12 7:55 P

Last week my son was in critical care at the hospital. He has multiple disabilities and needs constant care. He is doing better and is at home BUT as all moms know.... taking care of me went out the window last week. Now I am trying to get back into healthier meals and exercising. Meal time is especially difficult because he needs to eat High calorie, Carb & protein meals. It is only the 2 of us for dinner most nights. Any suggestions on meeting his needs while still keeping to my Spark plan???

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