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9/7/12 10:40 P

You may need to up your calories. I know crazy, right? However, if we don't eat enough our bodies will lower our metabolism as a survival mechanism. Keep eating healthy, but eat more calories and see if that helps. Snack on healthy foods and eat more small meals all day long. Good luck!

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9/6/12 9:09 A

Last spring I took a nutrition and weight counseling course for free from my local hospital. It was led by the hospital's nutritionist who not only held meetings but gave one on one advice. It was held at our local YMCA. Just a thought for you to look into.
Good luck and we all get frustrated. Especially when we feel we are doing everything right and just aren't seeing results.

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9/5/12 2:11 P

well trying a different approach , had blood work everything normal, but hormones still out of whack from the hysterectomy which doctor said could be a huge factor. I don't due diet pills, not much of pill taker to begin with. Suggestion was cardio more then diet since i eat pretty good to begin with

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9/5/12 2:07 P

Hi there,

sorry to hear things are not going so well ..but just hang in there !!
As for the diet..clearly thats not working maybe u need to try a different approach...up your calories try to put some healthy fats into it..the body need s a certain amount of good fats.
Forget pills that never works in the long run, maybe u need a bloodtest and thyroid test..see if everything is ok.
looks like ur body has been through a rouigh journey and is trying to hang onto what u got..but dont give will get better!!

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9/5/12 9:48 A

Well two months on a low calorie diet of 1200 calories and I gained 27lbs. I worked out 3 times a week. No muscle just flab and really loosing confidence. Thought to go see a nutritional or dietitian and there 100. a visit plus pills or whatever else they give you and i can not afford such. I use to weigh 130 but had a rough pregnancy 4yrs ago was hospitalize followed by a year later two surgeries for ovarian cyst, tuba-ligation, car accident that kept me off my feet. Then had a hysterectomy this year. No matter what i do i am just gaining not loosing. I don't like sweets, i drink nothing but water and perhaps a cup of hot tea in the winter. I always ate good because family was diabetic. No fried food or fast food, i like to nearly grill all my food or bake it. Diet mostly fish and vegies. Tried low calorie diet with a 3 day 30min tone up work out and just gaining. Not sure where to go from here.

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