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WALDEN3 Posts: 117
6/27/12 2:37 P

you are definitely correct and i sure do plan on focusing on myself. thank you for the information.

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,076
6/27/12 12:27 A

TOPS can be a good group, but so many people go and never really lose anything and it becomes a social group. Just stay focused on YOU.

WALDEN3 Posts: 117
6/26/12 8:59 P

went to my TOPS group today and got weighed in. I lost 4.5 pounds in the last week. I was totally amazed.i cut out ice cream so perhaps that helped, but then again i did more exercise than usual so maybe that helped. either way i hope i can continue and don't sabotage this weight loss. it is the most weight i have lost in awhile. i definitely did not cut back on the snacks, so maybe it was the exercise.all i know is each and every chance I get, whether it be house cleaning or whatever, this weight has to come off.right now reading the "Sparks " book and doing my best to make it through the first action step.i made it through 5 days of journaling and 4 days of exercise. I have to work on the exercise more. I am enjoying this, but now it is time for me to go to action 2 of stage looking at it it is not a hard goal, however, the other action plan has to be added to this one which should not be hard. nevertheless, i have to write all these things down so I do not forget next action step is to choose a time each day to review and plan.i have to write on my calendar changes that i am making. this does not seem to be all that hard, but i have plenty of other paper work to do besides my weight loss up keep. i am doing the best that i can.the stages involve a lot of action plans which are very helpful, but will take some time. i am glad i finally decided to do this. hopefully i can stick to this plan.

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