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4/30/12 2:01 A

Congratulations on your achievements so far. You have done an amazing job and are well on your way to accomplishing your goal.

Regarding your challenges, it sounds like your stress level has a lot to do with why (and what) you eat.

You may want to try other ways of reducing stress- exercise, taking a walk, going dancing, meditating, reading, blogging on SparkPeople or even just calling a friend.

If you can find healthy ways to manage your stress, my guess is some of the intense cravings will dissipate.

Good luck with everything and keep rocking it!!!!!!

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4/28/12 11:24 A

Losing the 20 lbs. is WONDERFUL! And it is so good that you are trying to be more healthy in your eating. I hope that I can help you with a few suggestions. I started on a healthy diet, just three days ago, and have lost 5 pounds already. The diet claims that 8 pounds a week can be lost, without hunger. I like the flexibility, the change-ups that can be made to help with boredom, and still lose the weight. No. there aren't chocolate-covered bon-bons on the menu, but the possibility of losing so much weight per week is well worth the prep of fresh foods. I found the diet in Women's World (April Edition) under the Turbo Cabbage Soup Diet (this is a NEW version of this diet with greater flexibility). My breakfast greatly varies with up to 400, yes, 400 calories! Lunch and dinner also varies by a change-up of salad and soup ingredients. If you decide you want something different for this meals, you can make other choices. Regarding the sugar cravings, if you make a "tea" of hot water, honey and (Bragg's) apple cider vinegar (1 or 2 Tbsp.), your cravings should "disappear." I am so new to the site, I wish I knew how to post this for everyone to see. Best of wishes!!!

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4/28/12 10:49 A

20# released is a success in my book. Just live in the NOW, as Eckhart Tolle says to do.

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4/28/12 2:11 A

I have recently lost 20 pounds. I managed to stay away from every trigger food I have. I limited my treat days. but recently, iv been struggling. almost every weekend i have a binge. or a 20 min loss of control. i eat those trigger foods. i say im going to get more focused. then the next weekend i break. my goal is to lose 40 more pounds. but the only way im going to be able to do that is to again stay away from every and i mean every trigger food. I need to acknowledge my feelings. why am i doing this? why am i feeling weak? i guess im not believing in myself like i did at the beginning. i also feel deprived when i give myself too many rules. but im only giving myself healthy boundaries. im always looking at everything i havent accomplished. i need to focus on what i have done and what im going to do the stronger i get. 1/lost 20 pounds 2}quit smoking cigarettes 3) just joined the gym!

what i neeed to effing do and why i feel like such a horrible failure...finsih my ged. only the math portion.

that is probably why i binge

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