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3/29/12 11:58 P


With these types of questions it is always best to get your doctor's clearance as to what you can do based on his/her physical assessment.

I wish you well!

Coach Nancy

3/29/12 9:11 P

I would agree that consulting your doctor is the best option. In my case, since I have a sciatica, if I pull a muscle in my lower back, which I did about a month ago, I know I'm done for about a week. I know what stretches I can do, but exercise is not really a part of that other than humbling around in pain. It took me over a minute and a half to simply reach my hands to my toes, crawling down my leg.

I know what I can and can't do, because I have previously spoken to my doctor about my situation and that is exactly what you should do.

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3/29/12 8:44 P

Have you spoken to your doctor about this? We really can't advise you regarding specific injuries because we don't know your body and needs like your own doctor can. When it comes to injuries, especially back injuries, it's really important to get appropriate medical care and advice to avoid further hurting yourself.

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3/29/12 5:30 P

I started here about 1 month ago and started walking every day until about 1 week into it I hurt my lower back and am not able to walk much or do much exersicing at all ( think I am scared I will hurt it again) so do you know and lower back exercises I can do at home to get me back exercising again

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