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4/16/12 3:14 A

I stopped treats 72 days ago. I seriously do not want or need them at this point. Easter or not! The way I think of it is......working out's hard.........the more candy I eat........the more work I have to do......screw it!

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4/11/12 1:17 P

I don't do easter candy even when I'm not on a diet

ALLEYCAT12380 Posts: 627
4/10/12 7:52 P

OMG, do you realize how much I actually bought after Easter. Most of it was at one store where they had a major blowout. 99 cents or less. I circled around a few times, made sure I only bought what I loved to enjoy, Lindt bunnies, anything that is peanut butter and chocolate comebined (I had to resist of only buying 6, the rest I left behind), mini eggs, whatever. I just finished prepackaging into small serving sizes. The bag may say for 6 pieces for 200 cals. I would put in say at most 4. I also entered all into my nutritional menu. I can just grab one bag and enjoy without the huge guilt. I have been good at choosing what I am in the mood for. So many choices, I can only have one bag as a treat, so I have to choose wisely, makes me think do I REALLY want it. If I haven't choosen within about 15 minutes, I didn't really want it that bad.

I like the new way of thinking. Hope you can do the same.

4/10/12 7:35 P

I just realized that I didnt get my annual ducks, chicks and bunnies Sweetarts this year and I didn't even miss them!! It's a weird feeling...

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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4/9/12 12:17 A

As long as you do not go over your calorie count for the day it is not bad to have a treat day every once in a while, but remember that fatty foods do not help you get into shape... To me it is not worth it...

YELLOWDAHLIA SparkPoints: (94,861)
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4/8/12 3:34 P

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE candy/sweets!! But they are available every day of the week in some form. What I'm excited about Easter is the dinner!! Ham, scalloped potatoes, spinach casserole, lots of side dishes, fancy desserts etc... that's the stuff I only get on Easter..aahhh! I will so enjoy it!

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4/7/12 10:35 A

I say GO NUTS! Have fun and eat but... don't eat and extra 3500 calories and make sure you get right back on track Monday and don't cheat the rest of the week. I'm cooking pastiere (an italian food) today and it has sooo many cals and fat but its Easter and I'm gonna eat it!!!

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4/7/12 10:31 A

Hi SENZ2001,

Plan on only buying/bring home the amount you PLAN to eat. Did you know that after the first bite our taste becomes desensitized to what we eat. So savor that first bite and try not to allow yourself a little indulgence.

Coach Nancy

SENZ2001 Posts: 123
4/7/12 10:28 A

I am way too excited to eat a ton of chocolate and candy tomorrow. It's not healthy how I'm plotting out my plan of attacking the candy. I NEED some advice about enjoying a little bit and not getting caught up in it.

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