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I agree with ARCHIMEDESII - more information is required.

Do you use your nutrition tracker for everything you eat. If not, you will find it helpful to start doing so.

Are you eating enough calories to sustain the amount of exercise you are doing? Some people, surprisingly, don't actually eat enough! IF the information re amount of exercise, weight, height etc. is entered into SP accurately, it will tell you the calorie range that you should be consuming. Even the time frame between now and goal makes a difference, but please, don't aim for a fast one - they are generally not sustainable in the long term and aren't so healthy for our body and (at times), mind!


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Can you tell us a bit more about yourself ? How much do you currently weigh ? How much are you trying to lose ? How tall are you ? How old are you ? How long have you been trying to lose ? Someone trying to lose 100 pounds has very different needs than someone trying to lose 10 pounds.

We need more information to answer your question. As a generality, the weight doesn't magically drop off the minute we decide we need to lose. While a safe weekly weight loss would be 1-2 pounds per week, there may be weeks you don't lose. there may even be weeks you gain and that doesn't mean you're doing something wrong. Also, the closer a person is to a healthy weight for their height, the harder it is to lose any perceived excess. ask any member trying to lose those last 5-10 pounds and they'll tell you it's slow going.

So, could you tell us something about yourself ? Otherwise, we're just taking wild guesses.

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I am exercising 6 days a week. I run 2-3 miles, bike 10-15 miles, walk 2 miles, do windsor pilates varries between 20 min and 57 min and go to the gym and lift for an hour (low weight/high rep). I eat healthy and drink tons of water but I am not losing any weight. Could I be expending too many calories and my body is in freak out store fat mode or could I be building muscle but losing fat? I look thinner but the scale says I am the same!

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