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OOLALA53 Posts: 13,496
5/30/12 6:17 P

Most slim people really dislike the feeling of being full. After 28 months of eating three meals a day 5 days a week (most weeks), I feel similarly most of the time. I still overeat on weekends, and I'm not skinny, but I've lost 16% of my weight and don't stress about it much anymore.

EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/30/12 12:07 P

My husband is slim and sporty.

He eats for fuel and pleasure. BUT: it seems that he always know what kind of food his body needs.
He intuitively WANT the right food. When he reached his intake he need for the day, he stops eating. That might be after 4000 cal (after making a lot of sport or a VERY busy day at work) or 2000 cal if he is not fit and did not worked hard.

To be honest: I'm jealous!
I wished I could eat like that!

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
Fitness Minutes: (11,285)
Posts: 3,116
5/30/12 11:56 A

I eat for both.

SONICB Posts: 4,381
5/30/12 11:07 A

I definitely eat for pleasure. Food can be so enjoyable.

OOLALA53 Posts: 13,496
5/30/12 10:33 A

I don't like broccoli more; I just get pleasure from eating vegetables, too. I just think we get into the habit of not really tasting our food and realizing that a lot of what we "should" eat is actually delicious and satisfying, and too much of anything is no longer pleasurable. I know it woudln't work for the long term if I felt that most of my meals were just okay and I could eat really good food only once in awhile. It doesn't have to be lasagna every day to be really good food, but I would eat it every day with my freggies if that's all I really liked!

Hey, but I still won't eat Brussels sprouts! Just don't like 'em and don't need to. Too many other good ones to eat!

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
5/30/12 4:38 A

I eat for pleasure every day. I won't eat anything just because it is 'fuel'. I need to like what I eat.

RUSSTHESKIGUY SparkPoints: (3,762)
Fitness Minutes: (4,673)
Posts: 119
5/30/12 3:06 A

I hated brocolli with a passion as a of my most hated vegetables, but now I don't mind it as an adult. Its not my favorite but not bad.

If you like brocolli more than ice cream you should also be very grateful for that. I would call that a gift most of us wish we had.

OOLALA53 Posts: 13,496
5/30/12 2:44 A

I find broccoli very pleasurable! When I'm very hungry, I prefer it to ice cream.

RUSSTHESKIGUY SparkPoints: (3,762)
Fitness Minutes: (4,673)
Posts: 119
5/30/12 2:38 A

Okay, I strongly disagree with everyone and totally say food is only fuel and should never be for pleasure. After all, we are looking for a sustainable lifestyle in the long run, and that is easily sustainable, right?. (okay just hatemail please). I think this is one of the biggest differences between the idea of making healthy lifestyle changes via Spark and a lot of other "diet" programs. Too many diets take food choices to the extreme and make it very difficult to maintain. If you look at food as only fuel for your body and always choose the "best" fuel, your weight loss results will be better than if you choose to eat a lot of things for pleasure (becasue lets be honest, ice cream tastes better than just does). However, eating from a pure fuel perspective is not sustainable in the long run and if you can't sustain healthy eating, you gain the weight back. So there has to be a middle ground. If you embrace the idea that food is your fuel - it can help lead to healthier eating choices but you still have to eat foods that you enjoy and even things like ice cream from time to time are fine if you budget them into your eating plan. I think we need to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. Just don't enjoy it so much that you end up at the wrong destination :)

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EX-PRESSO Posts: 478
5/30/12 2:15 A

I eat for fuel, but I do not eat anything who do not give me a pleasure too!

I'm a social person and I love to invite friends and family to my home. I love to cook and so I'm comforting them as well with food as part of a whole ...

AILEBBELIA SparkPoints: (13,418)
Fitness Minutes: (4,362)
Posts: 3,171
5/29/12 11:13 P

Before I started recovery from my eating disorder, I hated food, eating, and the feeling of satiety. However, like most anorexics, it became an obsession to be near food and know that I didn't crave it.

Then, for the first two years of recovery , I was able to eat because I kept the "food is fuel" and "food is medicine" mindset. It was a detached way of eating. I ate because food kept me alive. There wasn't really any pleasure and I limited the choices.

I am halfway into my third year of recovery and I am starting to eat for pleasure. It's not a combination of both yet, but I do want to eventually get there.

ROG190 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (11,685)
Posts: 318
5/29/12 10:28 P

yeah both

DANNIEGEE Posts: 4,114
5/29/12 10:17 P


ALEXIEEE SparkPoints: (0)
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5/29/12 10:06 P

Definitely both!! YOLO lol

STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
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Posts: 158
5/29/12 9:30 P

sorry, posted twice!

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STARSHINEFL SparkPoints: (1,072)
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Posts: 158
5/29/12 9:29 P

Absolutely both!

Eating is social, enjoyable, an adventure. emoticon There is nothing I tell myself I can't eat, in moderation and with some planning... or by making a healthy version.

The two things I have to overcome are:

1. Being too LAZY to make the healthy/delicious foods
2. Wasting my calories on things I don't really like that much just because they're there (like candy or cookies at work)

Ultimately my goal is not to put anything in my mouth that is not either nutritious, OR so delicious that it's worth the fact that it isn't nutritious emoticon

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
Fitness Minutes: (69,867)
Posts: 3,526
5/29/12 8:57 P

both - I eat because I have to, and if I have to do something, I might as well enjoy it as much as possible!

THIRTEENREASONS SparkPoints: (40,991)
Fitness Minutes: (35,886)
Posts: 1,830
5/29/12 8:56 P

I agree. I eat what tastes good and it's fueling my body, but if it's something that has zero nutritional value I will just exercise moderation in the serving size.

5/29/12 8:47 P

Pleasure, always. Doesn't mean you cannot eat something fast or easy cause you do need food, and it certainly doesn't mean that you can't make healthy food pleasurable.

but we have taste buds, smells, tongues that respond to textures -- why not enjoy them?

VICKI2705 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (9,958)
Posts: 14
5/29/12 8:44 P

I absolutely eat for both. I look forward to each meal and snack because I get to eat :). At the same time I try to cram as much nutritious food as I can at each time so my body gets what it needs.

OOLALA53 Posts: 13,496
5/29/12 8:30 P

I posted a similar question on the main message board. I know sometimes we're encouraged to think of food as fuel rather than as something pleasurable, but the longer I'm at this, the more I believe in eating for pleasure. (got a blog on it, so don't want to write much more here.)

What do you think? Can we do both? emoticon

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