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2/16/13 12:53 A

Coach Nicole has a bunch of sitting exercises that you can intersperse with your work.

They may also help you to relax.

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2/14/13 3:37 P

I just looked in the spark recipes and there are a ton of snack ideas. Some are microwave friendly, some are no warming needed. I must admit I have not tried any of the snacks on there, but if they are half as good as the meals, they will be great.

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2/14/13 11:27 A

Do some pushups. Try to do 50 over the course of a shift in sets of 10, 5, whatever. You'll burn some calories, as well as give most of your upper body muscles a good workout.

ROCK_CLIMBER2 Posts: 328
2/13/13 9:50 P

Put the right fuel in the tank with help curb the junk food cravings. Our county dispatch center recently upgraded their facilities and the desks raise up so the dispatcher can stand and comfortably reach the console and maintain good posture. Depending on where your parking area is, park a little further away so you can get a short walk in before and after your shift.

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2/13/13 2:26 P

You need to eat healthy, and avoid the junk food.

Just because you are seated at your dispatch job does not mean you can't eat nutritionally sound meals and snacks. Good quality protein like hard boiled eggs, non-fat Greek Yogurt, and fiber-rich snacks like fruits and vegetables, can go a long way toward taking care of your hunger needs while working.

Drink water, too- no sodas of any kind.

2/13/13 10:39 A

Interesting Topic

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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1/10/13 2:43 P

Water is a big deal to make you feel not as hungry, but if you can not take the pee breaks then I would look into different snacks. Baby carrots or something else small and healthy would work. Another idea is to chew gum, it keeps your mouth busy. But what ever you do, being a dispatcher you have to be responsible about it. No loud chewing over the Good Luck

MXC10160 Posts: 2
1/2/13 10:22 P

as an update on my earlier post. i work from 1500-2300 and really can not leave my desk at the dispatch center. i eat my "lunch" at my desk.

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1/2/13 7:34 P

The "science" behind weight loss is to burn more calories than you consume. That sounds so much easier than it is! But that being said, the best thing you can do is utilize the tools on SparkPeople to figure out how many calories you're consuming. That will give you an idea of what you need to do to burn those calories.

30 minutes a day of walking is better than nothing. Try to walk when you wake up, during a lunch break, or in the evening. You can also do some exercises while you sit at your stations. Leg lifts, arm lifts, curls, tighten and release stomach muscles, etc.

Curbing your appetite will really be up to you. I often suggest drinking more water. But if you're a dispatcher I imagine you can't take unlimited pee breaks. Find some low cal snacks...carrots, celery, etc. Eat several small meals through out the day instead of just breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Good luck!

MXC10160 Posts: 2
1/2/13 7:18 P

I am a dispatcher and i sit for almost all of my shift what can i do to help loose the wait and curb my intake while at work.

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