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5/16/12 5:35 P

Another thing to remember is to drink lots of water and eat slower than usual. Maybe drink a glass of water right before you eat anything, it will make you feel full with less food. Diet does not have to be a bad thing, or take away from tasty food. If you just focus on your goals and take small steps you can get there. Good Luck

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5/15/12 8:13 A

Like most behavioral shifts, it takes some getting used to. The first couple of weeks are the worst. Pretty soon you start to figure out what works for you. You discover food that is low in calories but satisfies as well as little tricks to satisfy hunger on difficult days.

I would suggest taking it slow. The most valuable tool you have is the nutritional tracker. Develop a borderline obsessive tracking habit. Even if you change nothing about your eating, track it all. It gives you vision. Most people have a lot of "aha" moments after entering things into the tracker.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

5/14/12 6:46 P

bleh, ive never actually tried to diet so lets see where this goes.

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