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2/24/12 2:43 P

thanks JKFitnessDude!! and good on ya!

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2/21/12 8:55 A

I am dealing with diabetes , I was told I had pre diabetes a year ago but was in denial. Now I am on three different medications for it. I am hitting it hard now and exercising 5 days a week and drinking more water and has changed my diet. Will be going to an endocrinlogist next month.

2/20/12 2:35 P

From my Blog called: "Diabetes, the disease no one wants to talk about"


If you have this disease (I do) and you're not taking care of it AGRESSIVELY then you're on a downward path to destrcution. This disease is cunning and stealth-like. Oh, it won't kill you in 6 months, nor do you get a JOLT warning either. It slowly wraps it deadly arms around you and then takes it's good old time draining the life out of you. It may take 20 to 30 years or so to kill but it makes sure you are in enough agony to mess with your everday life but NOT life threatening enough for folks to do something about a.s.a.p. because it knows you can/will COPE with it, afterall, what's a little blurred vision (just get better glasses); what's being a little tired and taking a little nap (for 10 hours); hey, you just drank a little too much coffee this morning so that's why you gotta pee (10x's before 10 am); Gosh darn it, my callouses on my feet are so dense I couldn't even feel the tack I stepped on that got my sock/hose all bloody (gotta get those sole protectors); Hey, everyone in my famity has it and they're just fine (Uncle Harry had an amputation last year, Aunt Sally went blind several years ago;...).

This disease isn't like most others, it doesn't get nasty real quick so as to NOT raise your awareness or make you panic. Oh, no, it's slow and methodical.

I was diagnosed in 1997 when I had a check up for a new job and the nurse came in after taking my blood and asked how long have I been a diabetic.


Sir, how long have you been a diabetic? I don't know I said. She says, well maybe about 5 years or so by the results of your test.

I had no idea. Then for 10 additional years I did nothing about it but take pills and ate bad food and drank too much. I had gained the most weight during that 10 year period. I maxed out at 240 and at 5'6" (shorty McShort-Short), I was at rock bottom and THEN, I got Bells palsy as a direct result form not having taken care of my diabetes and have bad nerve endings (look at my spark page for pic of my BP).

Folks, if you have type 2 adult on-set uncontrolled DIABETES do something right-the-blank NOW!

The day after I got my BP (Aug 06) I went to my doctor and he told me that I had run my course with pills and that insulin shots were the next (I sobbed). My mother (R.I.P.) had taken those shots and she still died from complications of diabetes. I couldn't do that, ever. I took the 'scripts, got in my car and wept for half an hour. I drove home with tears streaking down my fat cheeks. I went in the house and dusted off my treadmill and started to walk. I had no plan but I had determination. Not the kind of determination that we muster up with a plethora of conditions, either. Just the kind of determination that screams in the middle of the night that I WILL BEAT THIS DISEASE!

I walked 30 min. that day and was sweating profusely. I walked the next day and the next and the next after that. I walked for 30 min. a day with those 'scripts on my corkboard in front of my treadmill. No, I never got them filled (needles, insulin, the works). Several weeks later I started to drink lots of water (4 cups or more per day, I HATED water). A month after that I cut way down on my bread intake (carbs). Soon after that I gave up FRIED any & everything (now THAT was hard). I gave up drinking beer exsessively (I hadn't realized that I essentially quit altogether).

FFWD to December 2006; I go to my doctor's office for a follow up and blood work test results. He was very impressed with,....himself. He said that he KNEW the insulin shots were going to do the trick.


I reach into my not too tight jeans anymore and pulled out the worn-torn 'scripts he had given me several months before. I threw them on his desk. He looked at them and then at me and with a stern look on his face told me how BAD of an idea that was to that, stupid even. Then he quickly turned his frown upside down and congratulated me on my accomplishments. I asked him would it be possible to get comp;letely off of diabetic drugs all together. He said not likely but yes, possible.


FFWD to this past September; It's been a year since I had been off of any and all diabetic drugs and my hA1c is at 5.7%

Yeah, I'd say it's "POSSIBLE".

Get help (from yourself), get smart (read alot about kicking diabete's ass), get going (and make no excuses).



My advice to you PATSUE8, if you have it don't screw around with it, kill it now, take care of it a.s.a.p. This is a cunning disease, it TRICKS us into thinking we'll be okay because it doesn't give a sudden JOLT! It's slow and methodical and nibbles at us until it's too late. Screw the insulin and pills, lose weight, exercise, eat right.

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2/20/12 2:12 P

yes, type 2 and I'm hoping to get some help from this site

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,786
2/20/12 1:36 P

I am certain that plenty of people have diabetes...
do you have a question for them?

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2/20/12 10:24 A

is there anyone who has diaebtes

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