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BALDWINJ_03 Posts: 1,220
6/29/11 5:38 P

Chips and salsa or hummus

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6/29/11 1:41 P

baked potatoe wedges... emoticon

JUDYFORT81 Posts: 307
12/10/10 1:06 P

Mandarin orange slices always works for me. Also, celery with peanut butter.

ELSIE6 Posts: 141
12/9/10 9:57 A

i am going to try a small amount of sweet potato wedges to see how that goes over, how do you cook the corn nuggets?

OCWIFEY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/9/10 7:56 A

I love sweet potato fries baked in the oven of course and corn nuggets but instead of frying them bake them too.

ELSIE6 Posts: 141
12/8/10 7:42 A

Many great ideas here, thanks so much for the help! Hamburgers are on the menu for tomorrow night and I will be trying some of these out - others for future meals.

-POOKIE- Posts: 22,524
12/8/10 5:56 A

how about baked onion wedges? slice up onions thin, dip in an egg wash, dip in bread crumbs and oven bake.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
12/7/10 9:27 P

Sweet Potato Chips!

Use a vegetable peeler to first peel the skin off then "chip" the sweet potato.

Arrange on a baking sheet and spritz with a little butter spray or Olive oil-flavored cooking spray Pam

Sprinkle with a little salt and pepper then bake at 400 degrees they're just barely brown.

Be sure to stir them at least once during cooking .

KARIAZ7777 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/7/10 5:23 P

Baked beans and oven fries (potato wedges) with cajun spice is what I often make with burgers (veggie burgers). Fruit salad of some sort is a good side, if your kids like fruit.

ANIKAJAC SparkPoints: (0)
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12/7/10 2:27 P

Love the idea mentioned above of the potato wedges you could try to throw in some sweet potatoes into the wedges too

Or make cheesey broc with a little laughing cow wedges melted on top

BUUKWORM14 SparkPoints: (78,756)
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12/7/10 11:35 A

Roasted potato wedges. Encourage them to treat them like french fries and dip them in ketchup. Throw some sweet potatoes in too.

Also, try small, fry size raw veggies. If they give you a fight, bring out ketchup and low-fat ranch (ff greek yogurt + ranch packet). You can also shred zucchini or other veggies into the burgers, so they don't realize.

ELSIE6 Posts: 141
12/7/10 9:51 A

I have three children at home aged 12 through 16. They do not have issues with weight. They are very active and maintain good weight.

We ARE trying to eat more healthy though. I used to just prepare frozen french fries along with hamburgers. Does anyone have any creative suggestions?

They are typical kids and rather limited in what they will try. They like corn, steamed broccoli, appleasauce, salad.

I just want to get out of the rut and give them something else!

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