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6/26/12 1:32 P

this sounds absolutely delish! Will be trying this recipe next time we grill!

SUNRISE14 Posts: 5,216
6/26/12 10:46 A

I love sweet potatoes any way you fix them !

1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/21/12 10:28 A

I just did this Sat night....Chunk up a sweet potato and thick apple slices in tin foil, add a teas butter (in small dots) and 2 teas brown sugar sprinkled over it all. Grill til tender, it was a wonderful dessert, so rich and decadent that my husband and I could not eat it all.

5/18/12 6:06 P

I cook them different ways but one way that is really good. Microwave the sweet potato until just slightly tender 4-5 minutes. Then, cut the pointy ends off then cut the potato into wedges and place directly on the grill, turning occasionally. While cooking brush occasionally with a mixture of canola oil, lime juice, Salt, pepper, and cumin. Continuing cooking until tender. Yum!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
5/18/12 3:38 P

I just stick them in the oven, unwrapped (on a foil-coated broiler pan), and bake them until they are soft to the touch. Then, I cut them open like a baked potato and top with 1 tbsp margarine (Brummel and Brown) and 2 tsp brown sugar. It's very easy.

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5/17/12 3:34 P


1GROVES2 Posts: 10,391
5/16/12 2:21 P

I love sweet potatoes....I bake in the oven or microwave, I boil on top of the stove and I chunk up, wrap in foil and put on the grill in the summer. On the grill I sometimes mix with zucchini, summer squash and onions...Delicious

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5/3/12 12:20 P

They are TERRIFIC lightly coated in coconut (or olive) oil, salted with flake salt and either baked or microwaved. emoticon

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
5/1/12 1:12 P

Hubby hates sweet potatoes and I love them, so I've found an easy way to have them as a side dish and keep us both happy. I peel them and cut them into thin slices (less than 1/4"), and do the same with a regular potato for DH. Then I smear about a tablespoon of olive oil onto a sheet pan, put the potato slices down, then flip them over, so both sides have a thin coating of olive oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper, and toss them in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350 to 400 degrees (I usually do this when I'm baking or main dish, so I use whatever temp setting the oven is on already).

I also simply bake them until soft in their jackets, then take them for lunch and work, the jacket peels right off, and I throw some cottage cheese and maybe some chile paste on there for an easy lunch.

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
4/30/12 8:40 P

Pierce with a fork and microwave for 2 minutes

Carefully take it out and chop it into chunks

Saute in a pan with Butter Pam until soft


You can also bake them but need to wrap then in lots of foil. Sweet Potatos have lots of natural sugar and weep when you cook them.

Sweet Potato fries are a w e s o m e !!!!!!!!!!

DEER-HEART Posts: 112
4/30/12 6:37 P

Super fast sweet potato rounds/chips ("chips" is a liberal term -- unless you deep fry them, sweet potatoes rarely get crispy no matter how thinly sliced)

Slice up a sweet potato into thin rounds, put on a grill rack or greased baking sheet and bake on high (I usually do ~400* but my oven's old so who knows what temp it really is) for around 15 minutes, flip all the pieces over and bake another 15. If you feel like it you can sprinkle some cinnamon, paprika, cayenne, chilli powder...whatever floats your boat. I do this all the time for a quick side.

FYI, there's actually nothing wrong with plain white potatoes. They get a bad rap for being "bad" because usually, people eat them deep fried or otherwise drenched in oil, or drenched in butter, etc... A plain baked potato is actually a super source for potassium, for example.

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
4/30/12 3:39 P

For a quick cook, you can just scrub well, poke with a fork or knife, wrap in a damp paper towel and put in the microwave for several minutes (depending on size)... usually takes 5-8 minutes I think. I like taking the insides out then and mashing up with a little butter, salt and pepper... makes an awesome lunch! Sweet potatoes pair well with black beans so a grilled, baked or micro'd sweet potato with some seasoned black beans, a dollop of lf sour cream and a sprinkle of shredded cheddar makes a very well-rounded, delicious dinner in just about 10 -15 minutes!

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4/30/12 11:33 A

I cook sweet potatoes on the grill, in foil with cooking spray, all summer long. In the winter I bake them in foil in the oven. I make them all the time but my favorite is on the grill. Obviously, the larger the sweet potato the more fiberous - hence the longer it'll take to get soft when you're cooking them. Stick with a knife or fork to test for doneness. I also use Balsamic vinegar and olive oil inside the foil sometimes. I also make sweet potato chips in the oven. Basically, I subsitute sweet potatoes in all kinds of potato recipes. The only difference is that sweet potatoes get softer when cooked.

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4/29/12 4:55 P

I had someone tell me sweet potatoes are better for you then the plain white regular potatoes...That being said I was at walmart today i got me one to cook for supper tonite...Has anyone grilled them by wrapping in foil and spraying olive oil on them? I'm looking for some easy fast recipe ideas for cooking them if anyone has any....what about making like jojos out of them?

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