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5/30/12 12:57 A

I make smaller 10 lbs. And I still get frustrated when it doesn't happen exactly how I want it. emoticon I think smaller goals are better than big ones because you get more consistent satisfaction. I also go for other things like I had to buy smaller shorts or tshirts. Not just the scale number but how things are fitting. Or being better about getting the fruits and veggies in. The scale can be a big foe!!!

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5/29/12 11:56 P

Thanks for your words of encouragement. emoticon

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5/29/12 2:37 P

Yes, you can do it!

Maybe someone can chime in, but when I was trying so hard to lose weight a few years ago, after the initial loss of about 10 pounds, I continued to exercise and eat right, but I only lost 1 or 2 pounds in a whole month! And I have a fair amount of weight to lose, so I got discouraged. In talking to a friend recently, it was suggested to me that I make a point to change my choice of exercise every six weeks or thereabouts because our bodies get used to what we are doing and it's no longer a workout, but just something the body does regularly.

So I am wondering if there is something you can do to change what you are doing so your body will accept the challenge and easily meet (and maybe even pass) your new goal for September.


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MONTREAL12 Posts: 4,191
5/29/12 10:53 A

Go ahead and make the change! Nothing wrong with that; challenges are to be expected and although, you aimed for a certain goal; the important thing is to stay true to the commitment that you made to yourself! emoticon

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5/29/12 9:24 A

That's good, baby steps is the way to go, reasonable, attainable & not so discouraging. It all takes time, stay focused, you can do it !! emoticon

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5/29/12 8:32 A

good job!! thats a very reasonable and attainable goal!! good for you!

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5/27/12 9:01 P

Have to make a change in my goal. Was hoping to be down 35 to 40 pounds by June. That hasn,t happened. Try for 5 -7 pounds by Sept. emoticon

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