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4/10/12 3:21 A

Hi there,
like others have said, have him not stop eating gluten till he is tested, then take it all out if he needs to (or if he feels better without it)

I have a basic guide on my blog at
luten-free-guide.html that lists a lot of safe vs. not safe foods. I haven't updated the list in a while, but most of it still holds true.

Sneaky places for gluten:
Lick strips on envelopes
corn flakes and almost all crispy rice (unless labeled as GF) due to barley malt
rice cakes (often have powdered flavorings that contain wheat starch or unidentified "modified food starch"
Krab (fake crab often uses wheat flour/starch)
soy sauce
not-quite-clean plates and utensils

Good luck and I hope that your stepson finds the answers to his ailments!

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4/5/12 7:15 P

Just a quick note that may / may not be important for you, but if your stepson has not been tested yet, he should NOT stop eating wheat before he takes the blood test.

There are a lot of good information out there, and depending on how sensitive he is to gluten, it will be a rocky transition, but it is soooo worth it. Most of us start feeling better within short, and most of us will "discover" gluten in products you would never think had gluten (some deli ham for example, some vinegar, gin and so on). Yup, like SNOOPY1960 points out; reading labels are key.

Here are a few websites with a nice variety of gluten free recipes:

SNOOPY1960 Posts: 1,687
4/2/12 9:46 A

A friend of mine has 3 year old with celiac's disease. I know how hard it can be. I learned a lot from her !!

Gluten is present in wheat, spelt, rye, barley and SOME other grains . Do not eat anything made with flour. Read all labels, some sausage and hot dogs have gluten but some do not. Some candy is also made with gluten. The key here is to read every single label , even condiments !! Also check the labels on frozen waffles.

You are safe with approved foods like :

dairy - milk, cheese , yogurt
rice cakes
peanut butter
fresh herbs
olive oil
salad dressings
ice cream
apple sauce
coffee, tea and fruit juices
check the boxes but I think Rice Chex and Corn Chex are o.k.

Gluten free grains include buckwheat, corn, flax, rice, quinoa, tapioca, soy, seeds and nuts.

Look in your area for specialty food stores , they will carry gluten free bread, waffles and treats !!

4/1/12 10:37 P

l here goes. My 48 xxyy stepson has recently found that he probably has celiac since it runs in his mothers side and because of the syndrome hes high risk for having it anyway we are trying to put together a list of foods he can snack on as well as a list of foods to avoid is there anyone out there who can help me im confused emoticon

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