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Recently I have had to care for my mother while she is under going radiation treatments and is supposed to be taking chemo therapy pills.
She is not incapacitated in any way but is living with me ( the oldest son ) while her house is being remodeled. We , myself and other siblings, concerned about the dust and things while she is in a state of compromised immunity.
Yesterday the nurse from the cancer center called my work number to ask if I could get in touch with my mother. Of course this is easy- call her cell phone! So I asked what the problem was. I was informed that specialty pharmacy was going to cancel her prescription because no payment arrangements could be made due to no response from the patient.
Luckily the pharmacy contacted the doctors office first and the nurse also could not reach my mother by land line or cell phone.
I took the information with phone number and contact name then called my mom.
No problem she answered on the 3rd ring.
I relayed the information and she said "good" she "had been waiting to hear from them to make the arrangements."
This peaked my interest
I asked her if she had missed any calls and she said no but if they had called from the numbers I had just given her she would not have answered because
she will not answer 800 or 888 numbers because sales people use up all of her minuets with things she does not want.
My cell phone is through my employer and is registered on the do not call list
I did not realize that they do not automatically put new cell phones on that list.
It also amazed me that she did not complain about sales people before I guess she figured the problem was resolved with the called id so she just would not answer 800 or 888 numbers.

Talk to your parents and ask them if they are getting unwanted sales calls on their cell phones.
if they are try this

This could have been a deadly situation

good luck


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