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4/27/12 6:50 A

I agree that you're off to a great start! My advice would be to do about 30 minutes of cardio, and then 2-3 days a week do a full-body strength training workout. If you feel like you're not getting enough of a workout in those 30 minutes, eventually you can start increasing the intensity instead of having to add on much more time. (It's okay to slowly work up to 45-60 minutes of cardio, but you don't always need that much. Quality is more important than quantity.)

Hope that helps!

Coach Jen

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4/27/12 4:54 A

You absolutely 100% need to be strength training.

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/27/12 1:57 A

How do you feel with this level of workout? Going straight to a full hour of working out at once is a HUGE step and if you've been mostly inactive it may actually be too much too soon.

If you don't feel burned out or too tired that's okay - but if you do start to feel that way by all means consider backing off a bit. You might need to build up to that kind of level.

Now that you're at an hour of working out solidly though, it's time to start working on using that time more effectively. I wouldn't add any more time at all - but now try to cover more ground each week or do higher levels or something. Up the intensity, rather than the duration.

You're doing great!

4/27/12 12:47 A

YES! it's a great start! you're doing the right thing...and interval training will get you results :)

KAPELAKIN Posts: 1,984
4/27/12 12:19 A

That sounds good as far as cardio goes. The important thing is to get your heartrate up. However, for losing weight, it's also important to incorporate strength training. Lifting weights burns calories, and your body will KEEP burning calories after your workout for several hours, whereas if you do cardio only, your body goes back to base metabolism very soon after your workout. Also, building muscle means you will be burning more calories while you're at rest or going about your day, so it is important for fat loss. Contrary to popular belief, it is really difficult for woment to build big muscle, so don't worry about bulkin up. You'll just get toned and firm up with weights.

4/27/12 12:14 A

i;m on a mission to lose about 100lbs. on monday went to my local gym and currently doing a week trial then going to sign up for a year membership. right now i currently do 30minutes on interval mode on the recumbent bike, and 30 minutes of speed walking 3.2mph on treadmill. is this a good start to lose weight or should i be doing something different? need some advice. I also drink plain green tea during workouts and throughout the day. just put green tea bag in with my cold water and have i go lol.

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