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I eat 4 slices of deli roasted turkey , Fit & Active light String Cheese, I core an apple, ( smear only 1 tablespoon of peanut butter on it at times ) or have an orange, or a cup of frozen assorted fruits, saute vegetables in a wine vinegar or a tablespoon of herbal oils. You do not need to eat a full course blown meal to have a cup or 2 of vegetables,and ice cold glass of water.Everything I put hear will fill you up. The turkey, peanut butter, & cheese have a good amount of protein in it also.You can take all of this & not eat it all at once but have it prepared so when you have that urge you can at least eat a little healthier, it is helping me to do better. believe me I am a night eater after my dinner, & just having this helps me to stay away from those heavy laden carbs. A lot of times I have the turkey,cheese & fruit for breakfast, plus in the evening

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me too. Especially in the Winter - it gets dark here by 4 at this time of year.

I find this helps. I promise myself I can have some carbs once I have done some yoga. I set off to do just 15 mins but find 30 mins passes easily and the energy boost seems to remove the craving. Or maybe its just the distraction. anyway hope it helps.

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I am new here so if this is in the wrong place I apologize. I am wondering if anyone has any helpful hints on what to eat after4 pm instead of carbs. All I want to do is eat at that time and will eat anything up until 8 or 9 -10 pm. I just need some advice.. Am on a new track again and have started walking 4 - 6 ks a day and jogging also., I really want to lose the 10 pounds i put on It is so hard. anyone have this problem with the carb thing sandy

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