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9/10/12 10:52 P

today 400

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9/10/12 10:49 P

I tried the chair exercises that was posted on SP and it was surprisingly tough! I would appreciate SP giving a calorie burned amount when they post a new exercise so I can more easily add it to my fitness tracker.

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9/10/12 10:48 P

I do a lot of walking. I walk about 4 miles 4 day week or more

ETHELMERZ Posts: 21,163
9/10/12 10:44 P

Don't worry so much about the calories, the weight will come off eventually, and you have to continue for the rest of your life, whatever you do, even if you reach your never ends, folks!!!

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9/10/12 10:17 P

It's kind of the same as the calorie counts on cardio machines.
They can be wildly off.

The cheapest and easiest ways I found to get a little more accurate reading was to the get a heart rate monitor watch (they're cheap, you can get them at Walgreens/Target/etc for as little as $20). Most will count steps for you too. Some are quite elaborate. So, they can have additional value if you use them that way. Plus, they will accurately provide you the date and time. Bonus, that is, if generally unattractive watches are your sort of thing.

But, you can get a heart rate monitor and use it to measure your heart rate during activity. There's a formula that can give you a reasonable estimate (well, better than the machine will) based on the heart rate (average) you record, your weight, age, sex, etc. You can do the math or find a calculator online that allows you to plug in the variables and it'll do the math for you.

It's still not terribly accurate. There's other factors, and the heartrate measurement off your wrist isn't the same as a band that goes around your chest. It's all an approximation, but my reading on various websites (including Sparkpeople) is that it's going to be a bit more personalized and closer to accurate than a generalization. And it's a low key approach that may tell you which database value matches closer to your body and metabolism.

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9/10/12 9:32 P

Hello, I do Zumba 4 times a week. We have a fitness tracker there that allows you to pick the level of intensity that you have done, and then calculates the calories that you burned with the amount of time that you went at that intensity. The calories that the system at my gym reads is A LOT different than the calories burned for the same activity posted on here. So you can imagine my confusion here lol. Any thoughts from anyone would be appreciated. emoticon

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