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6/24/12 5:41 P

Thank you, time will tell. Still have alot to learn & new recipes to try. emoticon

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6/24/12 11:28 A

Congratulations at being at goal!! thats fantastic sounds like you have it well in hand!!

BESCATS SparkPoints: (238,436)
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6/24/12 10:18 A

My calories are between 1300-1600 a day, but I'm at my weight, so this is a maintenance I am trying. I do try to keep my calorie intake about the same for each meal & snack - 300-350 or so. Even when I was losing the weight, I kept my calories 1200-1300 & ate about 300 or so at each meal. Most vegetables have very few calories, so eat lots. emoticon

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6/24/12 10:17 A

A calorie's a calorie.. your body doesn't care when or how you eat it. Finding a timing plan that works for you is more important than following someone else's idea of when you should eat for the best weight loss.

Some people find that multiple small meals throughout the day keeps their fire stoked, and makes it easier to stave off hunger.

Some prefer a huge breakfast, medium lunch, and small dinner.

Others eat light during the day, and save their calories for a big dinner.

Sill others save room for discretionary snacks.

All can lose weight. It's just about having a healthy calorie deficit at the end of the week to help trigger weight loss... not what time of day on tuesday you eat. :)

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6/24/12 9:49 A

whatever works best for you is great!! be sure not to go below 1200 cals. and its always good to use the sparkplan they make for works!!

CAMPINGGIRL71 Posts: 294
6/23/12 9:35 P

I am actively trying to lose weight (not in maintenance mode yet) and am still pretty new at organizing my meals. I have been tracking calories to help me with portion sizes and to figure out which foods are "worth" the calories for me.
At this point I am using 1200 calories a day and have split my calories pretty evenly over breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.
I have no idea if I am doing things correctly but it has been working for me so far.
Good luck!

NIGHTSKYSTAR SparkPoints: (524,711)
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6/23/12 8:40 P

truthfully i dont count calories. I have set meals that i have...
breakfast is no sugar no fat yogurt and fruit, or kashi go lean, skim milk and fruit, or cottage cheese and fruit. once in a while for a treat a whole grain english muffin, some homemade jam, and cottage cheese along with fruit.
lunch is either a chefs salad with vinaigrette, or 1 slice of 12 grain bread with whatever meat and a slice of cheese, lowfat preferably, and either raw veggies or a small salad.
snack is fruit and or cheese...
dinner is whatever meat i'm cooking, brown rice or sweet potato, and a pile of steamed veggies.
evening snack i have a no sugar no fat frozen bar (Schwans has great ones, blue bunny has them too...) or a no sugar no fat fudge bar.
its easy, and i lose around 2 pounds a week!!

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6/20/12 3:55 P

How do you allocate your calories? What percentage of your total is for each meal versus snacks? When I'm tracking my calories, I tend to eat less at meals in order to save for snacks because I love snacks. But I wonder if I ate more at meals then I wouldn't feel the need to snack?

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