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8/19/12 4:13 P

Cooking homemade recipes & trying to guess at the serving size & calories in them is like going on a vacation to California from New York without a map. Even though the meal is made with healthy ingredients, it can still be higher in calories than what your daily calorie budget can handle. When I get creative in the kitchen, I use a food reference book called "The Complete Book of Food Counts" by Corinne T.Netzer. As I create the dish/meal, I write down the ingredients & their values: calories,carbs,cholest,sodium,protein,etc. Then you can can jot them down on an index card for later use. Divide the total amount of food by the number of servings you plan of getting from it. Basically 1 lb of ground meat = 4 servings.You don't necessarily have to write down each cup or T/tsp amount, because if you start with 1 or 2 lbs of ground meat, the amount of tomato sauce,pasta,etc. will be basically the same the next time you make it. One thing I have found when using the Food Count Book is that the amount of oil used or cheese added can make a lot of difference in the calorie count. Take some time to plan your meals & your success with losing weight will be easier to achieve. Good Luck ! emoticon

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8/19/12 12:10 A

I love to cook and I try to cook healthy by using a lot of vegetables, whole grains and reduced fat but I don't follow recipes and I throw ingredients together to make a meal so my dishes rarely follow the same recipe. I've tried to use the sparkrecipes to calculate the calories in my meals but I don't measure out my portions so everything is guesswork. Once I make a recipe, I don't measure exactly how many servings it makes. Does anyone have any advice on how to accurately calculate servings without following a pre-portioned recipe?

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