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SGTMAJD Posts: 2,878
5/1/12 5:20 A

we use sunflower seed oik and it is just as good as anything we have tried

GRAPHICS2 Posts: 13,944
4/30/12 8:28 P

I don't use very much fat of any kind, but I prefer to use butter or extra virgin olive oil

RICCILYNN Posts: 2,454
4/30/12 4:17 P

If, like in the example of the dressing, it is just being used to deglaze the pan you could just use a little water or broth to deglaze, something that won't detract from the flavors you are creating, but will allow you to get up all of the flavorful little bits on the bottom of your pan. Or use a comparable amount of margarine... or at the very worst, use the butter. It is probably a small amount and the little bit of fat that it will impart won't hurt your dieting any.

GNOCCHIBEAR SparkPoints: (11,494)
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4/26/12 4:54 P

I've never really used butter - in baking I've always changed it out for 1/2 applesauce and used margarine instead of butter. But lately I've come across recipes that use butter in cooking, for instance, a warm salad dressing, or things that couldn't really be changed out for a little olive oil. In the salad dressing example, the butter is being used to deglaze the pan. What do you do? Usually I just by-pass the recipe altogether and move on but is that really the only option?



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