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6/25/12 7:39 P

That's great you got to nurse so long! I saw an LC with both of my older kids and managed to get nursing well. Without going into detail, for me it wasnt a matter of 'trying' or 'giving up' it was a matter of mechanics. There was just nothing for them to latch onto. Finally after seeing my LC we got ordered special supplies and I was able to nurse them. Both only nursed until just after a year though, I would have loved to get closer to the two year mark, but as they got older they just got frustrated with the slow flow of milk (another reason I dont want to introduce a bottle). I'm thankful for every day I WAS able to nurse though!

And I think I will try some resistence bands, thanks for the great tips on where to get them and some instructional videos. I'm totally going to try!

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6/25/12 2:55 P

I could sort of nurse in the mei tai when LO was older, but I wasn't awesome at it. I could in the wrap as well, but again, it wasn't the smoothest! Boob always seemed to show, and LO was did not enjoy being covered while nursing! LOL!

As for bands, I had one that was a cheapo freebie with a video, but I believe it's been mentioned here that WalMart has a set of decent ones that come with an instructional video. I believe the use Seargant_Major has mentioned it. I think he has an SP group about band workouts, too. I've found his info to be pretty good in post on the fitness board. If you have a small space, I think the bands would be a great place to start for ST, as they take up very little room, and you can get different resistances.

I hear you ont he latch thing. I had no clue what I was doing with my first dd (needed to pump, had a crappy pump, etc.), not a ton of support, and pretty much "gave up" on nursing at about 8 weeks. I was determined to "do better" the second time around and did a ton of research. My husband was completely on board (I was unmarried with #1). I was lucky enough to nurse dd2 without issues until 21 months. I would've nursed longer, but the timing to wean ended up being right for a myriad of reasons. So, I get wanting to keep nursing as easy as possible for sure, I completely lucked out on that front, I think.

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6/21/12 11:14 P

@jenmc14 Were you ever able to nurse while using a wrap/sling? I have heard many women talking about it but I've never tried. If you did, what kind did you use? I would love to have this as an option!

As far as workout equipment goes I dont have room in my tiny apartment. Some bands might work well, though I wouldnt know the first thing about using them! Luckily though, we don't have any debt from the birth because my partner and I delivered at home without medical aid.

I do manage to get 10-15 minutes which I think for now is enough! Though I want to start doing some longer, lower intensity workouts... just some long walks or a bike ride would be great!

As far as the pumping goes, I'm not against it but I have complications. Due to a medical condition all three of my kids struggled terribly to latch and I don't want to further complicate by giving bottles or pacifiers. The condition also makes pumping somewhat of a challenge. once he gets older and a bit bigger though this should become less of an issue.

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6/21/12 11:04 A

You're only 9 weeks out, so still be gentle to your body. I didn't really exercise too much when I was nursing (not on the healthy lifestyle kick yet), and only sort of dieted here and there. I would add some calories on top of your SP range to account for nursing. might have more helpful tips or ranges on that. I find veggies like cauliflower and broccoli really fill me up, so try filling up on fruits and veggies as well as lots of protein and some carbs to keep your littl guy's brain development right on track!

As for exercise, OMG how I LOVED my Sleepy Wrap. There is a learning curve, but it was awesome. I had one for my youngest (a ring sling I wasn't too good at with my oldest....) Plop the baby in the wrap and go for a walk. (I also have a mei tai and an Ergo which I loved when LO was older. Heck, she's small, so at 3.5 we can still use the Ergo for the back carry!) Get some resistance bands at home to start some strength training. (I'd highly encourage you to get a bench and bar and weights, but that's a fairly decent chunk of change to drop while trying to pay off a birth!) SP has some great 10 minute videos as well. You can plop the baby in his swinp or on the floor for some tummy time and get in 10 minutes at a time. Get a really good, high impact tight sports bra to help with the girls while working out. You could also get some workout shirts with built in bras to go over top for a little extra support. Are you against pupming for some reason? You could pump to have bottles at home for your son while you get in a good workout as well.

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6/20/12 7:36 P

Thank you! I think I'm doing kind of the same right now. Though the workouts seem hard to me it's only because I was inactive for so long. For now, I'm just doing workouts I can do at home after the kids are in bed.

6/20/12 2:14 P

I'm nursing myself (10 week old). I always workout close to home, and immediately after a feeding! I do very light workouts though. You can always keep it simple for now, there is plenty of time to get the heavier workouts in. Enjoy that little one!

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6/20/12 2:08 P

Thank you so much! I know I'm not alone in the boat and that helps so much. I think beceause I felt so great after this birth compared to the other two I expect everything to return to normal faster. I'll have to work on more realistic expectations.

I do try to eat well for DS I just think I'm eating too much (some days I consume nearly 3,000 calories and I still feel hungry). And I of course drink lots of water.

As far as the bra goes, I'll have to try a different style I think. And thanks for the suggestion. I had a good sweaty workout today and though my milk leaked through my nursing pads like usual at least it blended in with the sweat so it wasn't quite so noticeable. I'm also going to invest in a good workout tank or two that is well patterned to cover any wet spots.


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My son is 14 months and I exclusively breastfed for 6 months and then started adding foods. I also had the large breast issue, so I know where you're coming from. A couple things, first, as you probably remember from your other two, with EBF, you will lose weight as producing all the milk burns about 300-500 calories a day. You also need to ensure you're eating a healthy diet, to ensure all the nutrients are being passed to your LO.
You need to find a good sports bra, I order mine online (figleaves is a good one to find our size) and find the ones with separate cups, just like a regular bra. Wear nursing pads with them. The leaking should subside once your milk stabilizes around 4-6 months. I think it's different for each child. Try to work out right after he's had a good nursing session and he's down for his nap. Then you're less likely to leak and you can be gone for at least one hour.
Eat and especially drink often, just choose smaller amounts, but not too small, as you want the full fat milk.
Hope that helps. You'll quickly lose it all with 3 to run after. :o)

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6/20/12 12:05 A

I have a 9 week old boy who is the center of my world. I also have two older girls, ages 4 and 2. Of course I absolutely adore them as well, but they are becoming very self sufficient.

I'm looking for some tips for incorporating exercise and healthy eating into attached parenting styles. I exclusively breastfeed which leads to two problems for exercise. 1) I need to be home to nurse, therefore can't leave home for too long and 2) I have relatively large breasts, which when I work out tend to bounce and jiggle causing my milk to leak everywhere!

As far as eating goes, I have a fairly healthy diet. I just eat so much! I find that I'm ravenous whenever I nurse and I end up eating too much, too often.

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