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4/27/12 5:22 P

Thanks pretty much confirmed what I expected. I don't expect perfection, and really being healthy is what I'm after. I wondered how I would ever get rid of it b/c it's not like I need to lose weight.....oh well. If I can tone the whole area and help it a little I'll be happy. I didn't really expect to wear a bikini after 6 kids at my age. : p

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4/27/12 2:20 P

Heck, I have some loose skin below my navel and I never even had kids! As others have said, it's a matter of elasticity and also how fast you lose weight. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to have a perfectly flat stomach without plastic surgery. I'd rather have the slightly saggy skin than a big scar, personally. My victory is losing the pot belly that I've had most of my life.

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4/27/12 2:15 P


As we age (and have kids) our skin loses its elasticity. You could lose belly fat with a good diet and some regular exercise. However, if you want a perfectly flat stomach after multiple kids, you're going to have to consider a tummy tuck. I know there are many "celebrities" who've lost weight and show off their bikini bodies after 40+. But the fact is, many of them have had work done.l

I lost a significant amount of weight. I strength train regularly. So, I have extremely good core strength. However, I still have excess skin on my stomach from when I lost the weight. The skin didn't pop back. So, if I want a flat stomach, I'm looking at a tummy tuck.

Personally, I don't mind the excess skin. It seems a small price to pay for my good health and improved fitness. I'll never be perfect and I'm okay with that. these days, I'm much happier with what my body can do instead of how it looks. it's just cosmetics. The right clothes can fix anything.

My advice ? Work on achieving physical fitness goals instead of that flat stomach. I think you'll find it more rewarding. Like I said, no one is perfect. but if you really want that flat stomach, then ask your doctor for a referral to a good cosmetic surgeon.

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4/27/12 12:29 P

Certainly, if your body and genetics allow it. There's an over-40 mom in my fitness classes who has a flatter stomach than me... she looks fantastic! Flat stomachs are more about skin and body fat percentage than anything... skin can only be removed by surgery, and some of us will simply never be super low in body fat... but you can try!

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4/27/12 11:08 A

Excess skin (especially from having multiple kids) will not get flat and firm in middle age... surgery is probably the only option.

UNLESS you do not want perfection!
Diet will reduce the stomach area, exercise will work the muscles below... the whole area can look better!

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4/27/12 10:06 A I know what to do to get rid of belly fat...and that there are no quick fixes. Healthy diet, cut sugar and fat, aerobic exercise and strength training, etc.

What I want to know it even possible to have a flat, firm stomach for us over 40 moms?

I have six kids, the youngest almost 4. I am almost 46. I am not overweight, but needed to get my muscle tone back and get healthy. I have not done an exercise program in years.

So I've been eating better and doing Turbo Jam's Cardio Party pretty much every day for 6 weeks. I have noticed more muscle tone, more energy, etc. But I have this area of extra skin on my stomach that looks sorta cottage cheese like.......I assume from having 6 kids. My stomach muscles are getting stronger and it's overall pretty flat, but that skin doesn't budge. What I want to know is, is it even possible to get rid of that at 46, after having a bunch of kids? Maybe I'm just expecting too much too soon?

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