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4/5/12 9:44 A

Im getting better at making time for me to be active. My husband is much more supportive- I have enough guilt about taking the time. But now I have less. I realize that in order for me to be a parent I need to be able to be healthy and taking time to be physically active is what I need to do!

4/3/12 6:37 P

It is difficult to juggle everything, especially in the beginning. Once you establish a routine, it gets a lot easier. My best advice is to start small and work up. Planning and organization (which I am sometimes lacking) are key. I try to do most of the housework and meal prep on the weekend. I wash and prep fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks or lunches for the week. I also cook and shred or dice chicken to use in recipes or salads later in the week or make large casserole or crock pot meals that can be eaten for dinner twice and/or packed for lunches. Get extra exercise in by playing with the kids-ball games, tag, walking, riding bikes, etc. Get your wife involved too, if she is interested. Get a treadmill, elliptical, or even a jump rope and do that while watching TV. Most people watch at least 30 min. or so everyday. You can also use dumbbells, do squats etc. while watching TV. Exercising during your lunch hour is also a good idea if you have enough time, and a place you can go. Even a brisk walk is good. Not being a morning person is NOT an excuse If you are already getting too little or just enough sleep. Part of the reason for losing weight, eating better and exercising more is to feel better. Sleep deprivation is not healthy and it defeats the purpose of getting up early to exercise. Some people need less sleep and can do well on 6 or less hours but most of us can't. I need at least 8 to feel well rested. Most days I get 7 to 8. If I sleep any less, I need large amounts of caffeine, feel terrible all day, am less productive, am irritable and have nearly fallen asleep commuting to or from work--definitely not healthy. Even 7 hours can make me feel this way if that is all a get for more than a couple of days in a row. Lack of sleep can lead to health problems, including being overweight. I can't name the exact studies off the top of my head, but If you google it, I'm sure you can find them.

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/3/12 4:26 P

Not to be harsh, but "I'm not a morning person" is just an excuse. I am also not a morning person. I don't actually like getting up at 4:30. But, if I want to make sure that I am going to get in my workout, that's when I have to do it. It's too easy for other excuses (and life) to get in the way otherwise. It has become a part of my routine, I enjoy my workouts, so I just suck it up when my alarm blares at 4:30. (My husband gets up at 4, and he's out the door many days before I'm actually up and moving around and dressed 9by 4:45.) You gotta do, whatcha gotta do!

MAMEBL Posts: 369
4/3/12 9:18 A

You may want to try and get two good workouts in on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. That way you only have to find about 30 min a couple of days during the week to workout, maybe on the days of no practice or no homework.


KARENRAU123 Posts: 184
4/3/12 8:23 A

There is no easy way. I work, am in graduate school, and have 2 kids (ages 6 and 8). Fortunately I have a wonderful husband who is willing to help out. He will do all the grocery shopping and I cook the best I can. Some nights are defiantly better than others, so I don't always eat what that kids eat. I keep soup around for myself. My best advice is to keep fighting the good fight. All efforts will pay out in the end.

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4/2/12 10:05 P

I have the same issue. I am NOT a morning person. I have tried getting up early to work out and end up even more exhausted and sick.

I work a FT job that does not have regular hours, am in grad school and try to get my son to storytime and sports practice (we rotate sports so he is only in one).

The last time I was really healthy weight-wise was before I was married. I have let bad habits creep in with the excuse of not enough time to pack healthy lunches or fit exercise in. My goal this week is to pack lunches for the three days I am at work during lunch time and find at least 1/2 hr a day to exercise. I plan to get the exercise in by making it the first priority after work. The weather is nice so I will go for a walk with my son or get my bike out.

DELBIZZ Posts: 71
4/2/12 6:30 P

I'm not a morining person and not willing to get up early but I guess this is just an excuse...Maybe working out during my lunch at work would do the trick...

DELBIZZ Posts: 71
4/2/12 6:29 P

I didn't post to make this a gender thing or role specific...just in general...never said anything about women

JENMC14 Posts: 2,786
4/2/12 8:08 A

I have two kids and work fulltime. I find the time to cook healthy (ish) meals and workout. I get up at 4:30 and workout before my kids get up. So does my husband, he goes to the gym, I workout at home. I take my shower, get up my 11 year old, finish getting ready, makes sure my 11 is actually getting around. I make breakfast and get up the 3 year old and get her dressed. I make sure both kids get a small morning snack/breakfast. My husband comes home from the gym, ready for work, makes a protein shake and we all head out the door together around 7 am. My husband and I leave work at 4:30 and get the kids. I make dinner. 2 nights a week I cart kids places. It can be done.

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4/1/12 10:12 P

Get up early and do it then.

You don't even mention having to plan or cook the dinner or other chores..many women who do all that AND work full time manage to get it done.

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4/1/12 9:15 P

This is my day..get up go to work rush home pick up kid for practice rush home have dinner help kids with school work then bed routine then talk to my wife for 5min before passing tough to eat right and especially exercise with this type of schedule...anyone else?

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