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7/6/12 3:53 P

Make your own protein shakes and smoothies. With a good blender, most anything can become liquid. And it can be adjusted to suit your taste and needs.

Gastric bypass is pretty extreme, I'd explore all non-surgical options thoroughly first. Then, if you have to, you know it's absolutely necessary.

Seriously, I'd do the nose-tube drip thing first.

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7/6/12 3:26 P

had to change my diet I am now on a soft food diet so I don't have to chew I had 13 teeth surgercally removed last week and it is gonna be awhile before I can eat solid foods . so How am I suppose to do atkins when I can't eat my salad greens and eat the meat and stuff. right now I am basically eating sugar free popcicles and 0 carb ice cream and cooked soft veggies I dont have to chew. I don't like the protein shakes that hubby has they make me ill
I don't know what to do. and how I am suppose to loose weight like this . I need this junk off me and it is so hard. I see my dr on the 6th of august hopefully she will have some suggestions. She wants me to hae gasteric bypass done dh says no. I dont know what to do It is my body and I am the one suffering from all of this . oh well I will figure it out sometime

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/10/12 1:21 A

Get your doctor to give you a referral to a Registered Dietitian, not a nutritionist. Anyone, with no training at all, can call themselves a nutritionist. You need a Registered Dietitian. See the RD as often as you many visits and as frequently as possible, especially at first. If they ask you if you want to come back, say yes. If they don't ask you, tell them you want to come back regularly. If they ask you if you want to stretch out the time between appointments, say NO! A RD can really, really help you to eat a proper diet and lose weight. What has really helped my RD to help me is that I take in my printouts from my Spark People tracker. I print out an entire stack of daily reports and take them in with me (it's pretty thick, but that's what I do).

If your doctor has told you not to go low carb, then definitely don't do it--if you are having problems with your kidneys, it could be harmful to you to eat a high protein diet. So, definitely get a Registered Dietitian. Until you can get in to see one, you might want to set up a Spark account (as a diabetic, as they have different recommendations for people with diabetes vs without) and eat within those guidelines for calories, fat, protein and carbs. If you just don't know what to eat, then turn on the meal plans. You can substitute foods in the meal plans to save money (e.g. if it says blueberries, but you only have oranges or blueberries cost too much, then substitute oranges or if is says chicken one day and then another meat the next day, you can just buy chicken and substitute in the chicken for other meats).

I highly recommend that you get a food scale and weigh out your portions. Don't eyeball or even measure. A food scale was a real eye-opener to me. Track everything that you eat. Tracking can seem overwhelming at first, but, that's just for a week or two until you get things set up and get used to doing it. It will take a while to do at first, but don't give up. Once you get things entered and set up, it will become routine...quick and easy and it won't take you more than a few minutes per day. Just give it time and be patient.

You CAN do this. It IS absolutely possible and you CAN get your weight under control and your A1C as well. It's going to take time, patience and persistence on your part, but you CAN do this. Just start doing it and never give up. If you fall off the wagon and overeat, don't wait and start again "tomorrow." Start again at your very next meal. It's going to take time and you won't lose weight overnight, but that's okay. Be patient. Accept that it's going to take time and be okay with that (because it is okay). You will start to see changes in yourself and start feeling a LOT better way before you reach your goal weight. You don't have to be at your goal weight to start feeling a lot better and to see success. Just keep at it and, pretty soon, your clothes will be baggy and you will have a spring in your step. My highest (measured) weight was 272 lbs and I can tell you that when your clothes get baggy it's a great feeling and it happens way before you get to your goal!

If your doctor says it's okay, try to start doing just a little exercise every single day, even if it's just 10 min of walking. Then, slowly increase your time. Even 30 min of walking daily can help (with diet changes) to significantly lower your A1C.

Be patient.
Be persistent.
Be kind to yourself.
You CAN do this.


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NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,918
6/9/12 10:59 P

OK, if you do have kidney problems, that's probably why your doctor said not to do Atkins. You don't want to eat any more protein than you absolutely need. And if your body wants more carbs than you feed it, it will break down protein (even your muscles) to make it, which will stress your kidneys. So you definitely do not want to do a ketogenic diet.

That A1c is pretty scary. Are you a Type II diabetic? Because I'm not seeing anything on your med list that improves insulin resistance. If you're a Type I, that's different, insulin should (in sufficient dosage) be able to keep your blood sugar down. If, however, you're insulin resistant (Type II), you'll just have to use more and more insulin to keep the blood glucose down, and that's not good for you either.

IF YOU'RE A TYPE II, look into ways to improve your insulin resistance. Ask your doctor about metformin. Start walking regularly. I find a non-stressful walk to be the best way to lower my blood glucose.

Whether you're type I or type II, I would suggest you take your net carbs (total carbohydrate minus fiber) down to about 150g to 200g per day of low glycemic index vegetables and fruits, spaced out as evenly as you reasonably can, eating five or six times a day. That should be plenty of carbs to keep you from breaking down protein to provide glucose. Monitor your blood glucose closely, as reducing the carbs you eat could cause it to drop dangerously, especially if you're Type I.

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6/9/12 6:30 P

Hi Cathy -

I'm not a doctor, a nurse, or a registered dietician - but can you not look at the list that you typed of what you ate and see that is not healthy?

I've lost and maintained 90lbs and it wasn't by eliminating whole entire food groups. I follow Clean Eating principles ( and workout. I track my food on SparkPeople many days of the week, and I track my exercise every day that I do it and I still routinely stop and measure things instead of guessing on portion size.

I would also say that if you're doctor hasn't given you a referral to a registered dietician that borders on malpractice. With your weight and your medications you need professional help and not opinions from people who have good hearts and want to see you get healthier.

If you track your food on SparkPeople and post on the Diet & Nutrition board, you can get help. SP staffs that with professionals who are more qualified to give you advice. At least try that if for some reason your doctor won't refer you.

I wish you all the best. emoticon

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6/9/12 11:57 A

yes i do my a1c is 9.9 that was the 3rd of may .. I take humalog, levimer, simvastatin, neurotin, 81 mg asprin celxa, trazadone, klonipin, lassix i think that is all not sure would have to look at my bottles

NAYPOOIE Posts: 11,918
5/16/12 12:19 P

Do you currently have kidney problems?

What is your A1c?

What medications are you currently taking?

Did your doctor give you a reason for not doing Atkins?

LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,867)
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5/15/12 5:07 P

Hi Cathy.

Ok - disclaimer here: I am not a dr nor do I play one on TV.
What I can tell you is I lost about 50 lbs in 2003 doing very low carb (not Atkins per se, but following that line of thinking).
That's kind of how I gravitate in my natural state (except I love sweets).

At the time, it seemed to do the job but for me, it just wasn't sustainable in the long term. I had enough of wanting to kill my fellow man for their sandwich! Yes, I gained it all back.

Flash forward to last July w/ Sparkpeople. I am not following any particular diet; I am not eliminating any group of food all together. Rather, it's plain old healthy lifestyle stuff w/ one major difference: I REALLY ramped up the veggie and fruit consumption (more so w/ the veggies).

If I knew then what I know now, I would have done this YEARS ago. I've lost 50+ lbs again, am keeping it off and fine tuning now. Everyone always asks me what I'm doing. I tell them Sparkpeople and vegetables. I'm serious: veggies are the New Crack, at least for me. I eat at my high calorie range and often go over, but whatever I do, I make SURE I eat 4.5 cups of raw, tasty veggies a day + any additional veggies & fruit I want. It's like an insurance policy!

I still naturally gravitate towards a lower carb way of eating; I still have a sweet tooth but it's manageable now (I do get good quality sugar free choc but also some sugared variety, too). I cut alcohol about 90% (I don't miss it). I do use some of the Atkin's products as I like the taste, they are convenient and they are very low sugar and that seems to work for me. I get sleep; I exercise but not a whole lot more than what I was doing when I was heavy (walk/jog 2.4 mi every day; heavy weights at the gym once or twice a wk; light weights at home during the week periodically).

My point is: this time, approaching it as truly a lifestyle, it has been the easiest of the three times I've lost weight and never have I kept it off so long (it's almost ten months). I'm not doing anything radical and I don't have to!! It's working & hallelujah to that.

Obviously, you are wise to seek qualified dietary council. No matter WHAT your health concerns, no matter what way of eating you choose, I don't think you can go wrong if you ramp up your veggie consumption. Everyone's different, but it's made a world of difference to me. It might for you, too.

Please don't despair!

CATHYDF SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 4:58 P

thanks everyone I think i just need a little boost dh isn't that bad he just told me i am probably gonna have to find a different diet cause this one is making me sick. He really does love me and worries about me he just doesn't know what to do so he is gonna go back to the dr. with me and we are gonna go talk to the nutritionalist to find out what I should and shouldnt be eating. Thanks everyone for the boost of confidence

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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5/15/12 4:35 P

I think you need to focus on you; don't compare yourself to your sister, your mother, your sister's sister in law, your husband's sister, your daughter, your husband, or anyone else. What is good for them is not necessarily good for you. You need to listen to the medical professionals you've entrusted with your health, and focus on reasonable, short-term goals that lead to big change in the long run. Don't focus on the whole amount you need to lose, just focus on the next pound.

The fact of the matter is, you CAN'T lose 150 lbs right now. It's impossible, not without drastic, life-threatening surgery.

It's time for you to make your own health decisions, not your husband. If you need to eat somethign else, make it, and don't worry about what he's telling you. He's already given you bad advice that's contrary to the guy who monitors your health (and has a PhD). I think you should focus on that, firs.t

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,944
5/15/12 3:58 P

I think your best bet is to turn to your doctor for more information. Your doctor should either refer you to a dietitian who specializes in diabetes or provide you with a detailed diet plan of what he/she wants you to eat. No one on Spark is qualified to give you medical advice or even to clarify what your doctor wants.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,064)
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5/15/12 2:11 P


I know losing 150 pounds seems daunting, but it isn't impossible. If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than member INDYGIRL. at her highest weight, she was over 460+ pounds. In two years, she's lost 200 pounds. Read her blogs. Read her Spark Page. There is a lot you can learn from her.

CATHYDF SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 1:57 P

hubby was there when she told me not to do the atkins diet she said it would be good to lose 15 to 20 pounds on but not long term like I need I need to lose 150 pounds right now I weigh 288 and i have a long way to go , but he lets it go in one ear and out the other . Just because he sees what his sister is losing and she is bigger than me.

KYRSTINRO Posts: 945
5/15/12 1:48 P

What works for your husband or sister-in-law might not work for you.
My best advice would be to take your DH to the doctor and then he can hear you shouldn't do Atkins. And it would be a very good idea to talk to a dietician specialized in working with diabetes patients.

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,064)
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5/15/12 12:51 P


If your doctor told you not to do Atkins, then don't do Atkins. If necessary, get your doctor to talk to your hubby. He may listen to your doctor if he refuses to listen to you.

Also, his sister didn't really lose 14 pounds of fat in a little over a week. Most of the initial weight a person losses on Atkins is water weight. Before long, her loss is going to slow down.

Ask your doctor if it's okay for you to do the diet recommended by the American Diabetes Association. Have you looked at their website ? If not, here's a link to see what they consider a healthy diet for a person with diabetes.

You should also look at the Spark People section for diabetic members. Go here. there's a section for diabetic friendly recipes.

You can regain your health, but there are no fast ways to lose weight contrary to the way your hubby, his sister and daughter are losing. At some point really soon, their losses are going to come to a crashing halt and they are going to wonder what went wrong.

Look through some of the resources in the Spark diabetes resource center. You'll find them helpful.

CATHYDF SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 12:42 P

I did and she told me not to do the atkins diet but hubby does not understand that. I am about at the breaking point his sister is a diabetic and her dr. told her to keep it up she lost 14 pounds in little over a week and she has a lot more health problems than I do I just dont understand and about ready to give up dieting all together. and except that i am gonna be fat for the rest of my life. I have always been fat even a kid , so what is the point to even try anymore

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (200,064)
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5/15/12 12:36 P


You're going to get some very mixed opinions when it comes to a low carb "diet". Did your doctor recommend the low carb diet ? Because if you already have problems with your kidneys, a person has to be very very careful with a high protein diet. Too much protein could be detrimental.

If you're diabetic, what you might do is ask your doctor for a referral to a dietitian who specializes in working with diabetic patients.

The "diet" your hubby and daughter are doing may be perfectly okay for them if they are in good health, but may be no good for you because of your existing conditions. That's why it's important to ask your doctor which type of diet you should be eating. If they can't make a recommendation, that's when you ask for the referral to a dietitian.

Just because they are losing faster than you does not mean your doing something wrong. A woman should never ever compare their loss to those of their husband. that's because men do lose faster than women. that's because they have a higher percentage of lean muscle. muscle burns fat and the more lean muscle a person carries, the more efficient their bodies will be at burning fat. Your daughter is young and probably fairly active. as a result, that's another reason she can lose faster than you.

Talk to your doctor, if they won't refer to you to a dietitian, then you should look for diets created for people with diabetes. Because your needs are very different than the needs of your hubby and daughter.

CATHYDF SparkPoints: (0)
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5/15/12 12:19 P

This morning I had 2 eggs 1 peice of sausage, about 1/ 2 ounce of cheese and about 1/4 cup bell pepper another words an omlet for lunch i had 4 vienna sausages (chicken ones have no carbs) and dinner we are having baked chicken leg quarters 1/2 cup faux mashed potatoes and 1/2 cup snap peas are we eating the right stuff we have been on this for 9 days now my husband has lost over 10 pound my daughter 8 and me none. I am also a severe diabetic I need help here I have got to lose this weight dr. told me I am gonna lose my leg or kidneys or have a massive heart attack and die it i don't I could really use some help please

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